Structural Alignment

This two part course covers structural assessment and passive correction techniques for the hip structure, sacrum, and vertebrae. The skeletal structure is the most densely manifested aspect of the physiology. Making changes at this level of the body reverberates out through the glands, organs and energetic layers of the whole system with particularly deep effects on the hormonal and kidney energy. Acquire the capacity to evaluate and work with the structure in an effective, safe way while coordinating the synthesis between structure and energy in the body.

Participants learn a full assessment and corrective protocol which can assist clients in experiencing more mobility, alignment and a higher level of function. Working with the structure in this way brings a practitioner to a whole new level of professional capacity. Saul considers these tools a necessary part of every bodyworker’s skill set. This work can be integrated with therapeutic massage, shiatsu, craniosacral, and other forms of hands-on bodywork.

Techniques include:

  • hip alignment evaluations

  • hip clearings

  • passive structural corrections of the ilia/hip joints

  • working with the lumbar and thoracic vertebra

  • correction of the pubic symphysis

  • sacral evaluations

  • passive corrections for the sacrum

Livestream Option

For those of you who can not make it to this class in-person, you can participate via video livestream. This option requires you to have an internet connection plus a phone, tablet or computer. We recommend that you have a practice partner to take the course with you so that you can experience giving and receiving each technique presented. There will also be a recorded (unedited) version available afterward for your use. For questions about the livestream option please email Lynn at


Please note: Class size limited to 20

INSTRUCTOR: Saul Goodman

WHERE: International School of Shiatsu, 6055 Kellers Church Road, Pipersville, PA 18947, USA

DATES:  Part I: 24-27 January 2019

              Part II: 28-31 March 2019

TIME: 10 am - 5:30 pm each day with 90 minute lunch break

COST:  $1200 for Part I & II / $200 repeat fee for Part I / $200 repeat fee for Part II

COST if paying via BTC, ETH, LTC or BCH: $1020 for Part I & II / $170 repeat fee for Part I / $170 repeat fee for Part II; email for details.

REGISTRATION: Call Lynn Goodman at (267) 347-2290, email or click the button below: