A Shiatsu treatment is a private healing session to assist with stress reduction, pain relief, immune response, spiritual development, and many common health complaints.  Visit our Bucks County location for private sessions.


Shin Tai is a manual bodywork therapy developed by Saul Goodman.  It expands on traditional Shiatsu massage to create a truly evolutionary system.  The goal of a Shin Tai treatment is to increase available life force, activating the body to align physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Using a highly developed system of diagnosis and technique, the practitioner assists deeply compressed stress patterns to lift out of the body.  This allows an increased flow of internal life force to expand self-healing and self-regenerative capabilities.  Then the free flowing information system of the body can function without interference from outdated information.  When life force is recovered, the physical body functions better, the emotions respond more appropriately, and the mind is free from past time filters.  Shin Tai is a natural form of stress reduction and more.

Alignment takes place at physical, emotional, mental & spiritual levels

Shiatsu Shin Tai treatments are appropriate for children, adults, and the elderly.  Almost anyone can benefit from shiatsu shin tai, and we have extensive experience working with an array of conditions and limitations that people may have.  We also have experience helping clients feel safe and secure regardless of their beliefs or skepticism regarding hands on bodywork.  


If you are looking for assistance in feeling better for yourself or someone you love, contact us at info@shintaiinternational.com for information or appointments.  



What can I expect during a treatment?

During a shiatsu treatment, receivers lay on a futon or massage table while remaining fully clothed.  Often they will spend part of the treatment laying face down and another part laying face up or on one side;  the practitioner will always work with you to keep you comfortable.

Conversation is not the focus during a treatment.  This allows both the practitioner and the receiver to experience any sensations during the session as deeply as possible;  this increases the effectiveness of the session. Sometimes the practitioner will leave the treatment room for a short period if the receiver’s body is making an adjustment/alignment on its own, but the focus remains with the receiver and their process.

The treatment is finished when the receiver reaches the maximum ease that they can during that session.  If it is a private session, this could be from 40 minutes to 75 minutes, depending on the needs of the client.


What are some of the benefits of receiving treatments?

Shiatsu Shin Tai treatments bring you through a process of releasing layers of stress and compression.  Life force that has been locked up in these stress systems is liberated and recycled back into very deep layers of your body.  We utilize many techniques to help free your body from stress.  Some of the techniques are very deep touch, some are very light touch, but all are used to free stress patterns so that more space and motion are introduced back into your system.

When you receive a Shin Tai treatment, you begin to literally vibrate more in the present moment.  You will have a greater capacity to “be in the NOW,” because your body is free of matrixes that were holding you fixed in stress patterns that are no longer actually operating.  Some of the benefits of this process are: 

  • more energy & vitality
  • pain relief:  back, headache, neck, shoulder, knee, etc.
  • improved digestive and glandular function
  • reproductive health and fertility;  prostrate health
  • enhanced immune function
  • regulation of menstrual cycle
  • alleviate depression and anxiety
  • return of enthusiasm for life
  • increased creativity
  • enhanced spiritual development and consciousness
  • better relationships to family, friends and partner

Shin Tai restores the natural resonance of the body by recovering proper spacial relationships and motion at the cellular, organ, joint, and vibrational levels. This helps to recover lost life force and the individual’s will to be active and to heal his or her self. The regenerative mechanisms of the body are activated during the treatment process.


Stress:  What exactly is it and how does it affect us?

Stress is caused by fear, difficult experiences, and situations of the past; this can be a single event or an entire time period. The body and mind respond to stress by creating tension in the soft tissues, muscles, and organs. This internalizes the sensory and vibrational information of whatever causes the stress. Life force is used to record this information in a memory matrix within the soft tissue, similar to how memory is used to record information on a computer. If this stress is not wholly resolved and released, the life force remains held in this formation. Unavailable life force causes physical, emotional, and psychological problems.

Stress always causes compression in some layer of the body.  Often stress first affects the vibrational layers, and over time begins to constrict tissues, organs, glands, and bones in the physical body.  This leads to more symptomatic and chronic imbalances/diseases, such as diabetes, herniated disc, migraines, reproductive issues, or cancer.


Bodywork is a powerful tool to help you live a life full of vitality, creativity and fulfillment.