Light Body Activation III: New Frontiers in Worldly Integration

There is an option to participate in this course from your home via livestream video. Please read below for more information.

We continue with anchoring the light body faculties within the human life. Utilizing the skills obtained in the previous two modules, this course deep dives into healing the physical body, mobilizing the life force and further aligning our life activities with the power of the soul path. By regulating the chakra flow together with the cranial rhythm we are able to increase life force distribution to organs and glands via nerve plexus and fascial tissue in real time. This enables stabilization of blood sugar levels (energy) and emotional overwhelm, along with releasing mental negativity.


Consciously connecting to the body’s ‘life force rhythm’* initiates further regeneration of the thymus gland, which serves as the root of the female heart chakra. The energy of this chakra encourages the resolution of personal, family and group conflict while facilitating the transformation of stagnated energy into positive life force.

Light Body Activation III expands the consciousness playground to include interacting with nature forces, traveling through the telepathic/sonar corridor, human photosynthesis, and listening with the third ear. It adds enjoyment and stimulation to the growth process via awakened entertainment.

The deeper integration of the light body clarifies life experiences as it reveals talent and personal value that we may have overlooked. Appreciation becomes a prosperity producing theme in the perception of self, others and the global landscape.

Change and transformation comes from within. It can be challenging and frightening, but it can also be exhilarating and entertaining.

Topics Include:

  • Discovering the power of life force rhythm and how to release it therapeutically throughout the body/mind

  • Distributing the chakra energy to regulate the body, mind and emotions; utilizing chakra coordination with the cranial rhythm, nerve plexus and glandular system

  • Regulating acceleration and deceleration of the kundalini flow; the DNA and nuclear fuel rods of the light body

  • Healing specific conditions & symptoms by self-activating chakras and acupuncture points

  • Healing relationship and family friction continued….

  • Neutralizing and transforming frictional forces coming from psychic negativity and emotional debris; psychic protection

  • Soul star alignment and further connection to into the chakra system; the anointment with oil or spiritual orgasm

  • Walking between the worlds

*the Life Force Rhythm is the force behind the continuous micro-movements of the physical body and the bioplasmic body. This includes cranial, cellular, organ and joint articulation motions. It originates within the core of the body.

Livestream Option

For those of you who can not make it to this class in-person, you can participate via video livestream. This option requires you to have an internet connection plus a phone, tablet or computer.

There are some portions of this course that involve doing bodywork with a partner; for these you can either plan to have someone with you with whom you can work, or do self-treatment/stretching/proprioceptive work as a substitute. Better yet, find someone who wants to register and take the class with you!

There is an option to have access to (unedited) video recordings of this class for an added fee of $100.


Please note: Class size limited to 20

INSTRUCTOR: Saul Goodman

DATES:  27-29 March 2020

LOCATION: International School of Shiatsu, 6055 Kellers Church Road, Pipersville, PA 18947, USA OR via livestream video from your location

TIME: 10 am - 5:30 pm EST pm each day with a 90 minute lunch break

COST:  $850 new student/$250 repeat fee (the cost is the same for in-person or livestream registration)

COST if paying via BTC, ETH, LTC or BCH: $720 New Student / $210 Repeat fee; email for details.

PREREQUISITES: Light Body Activation I (in the past this was called Proprioceptive Exercise) & LIght Body Activation II (a 5 day class that used to be called Light Body Activation, Chakras & Kundalini). Also, you will be asked to fill out a brief questionnaire in order to determine that you are ready for the material presented in this course. Please contact us at with questions or if you would like to participate in this course but have not taken LBA I & II.