Central Channel

The Central Channel is a circuit of life force that moves along the pathway of the spinal cord. It directly affects the functioning of the meninges, the spine, the central nervous system, the Governing Vessel meridian, the chakras, and the craniosacral fluid. Using non-force techniques, practitioners learn to identify and work with six distinct stages of stress to release and reintegrate trapped life force. Release of meningal stress patterns helps to improve a myriad of physical problems along with increasing emotional, mental and spiritual health. 


Stress patterns hold all of the sensory and vibrational information related to the events that caused them. In order to do this, the body uses life force which is then stored in a soft tissue memory matrix. The memory matrix operates as an information grid, which inaccurately filters present time perception. Since life force is held in a past time memory information, it is no longer available for use in present time (reality) events.  

We will explore the role that the body condition plays in emotional, psychological, and life dysfunction.  Theoretical understanding is presented as to how stress patterns, which have been internalized over time, hold life force in an unavailable state. Practitioners are trained in how to evaluate the stress patterns and how to release them. By releasing the stress patterns, life force is recovered and recycled into the present time needs of the mind and body.

Topics covered in this course include:


  • Treatment of specific stress patterns via non-force contacts (Stage I - VI)

  • Correction of the short leg

  • Restoring the three phases of resonance

  • Therapeutic application of proprioceptive suggestions

  • Development of a reliable linear treatment model


  • The process of recovering the lost self via the recovery of life force

  • The phases of re-entering present time

  • How energy/life force is lost through the stress events

  • Critical point theory: achieving the greatest result with the least amount of effort

Evaluation Tools

  • Perceiving radiation

  • Leg length check

  • Critical point palpation

  • Three phases of resonance

  • Holographic image projection


PLEASE NOTE: This course is for practitioners who have already taken ‘Governing Vessel & the Spine’ and ‘Conception Vessel & the Hara.’ Please inquire directly with Saul at info@shintaiinternational.com if you are interested in taking this course without these recommended requirements.  

Livestream Option

For those of you who can not make it to this class in-person, you can participate via video livestream. This option requires you to have an internet connection plus a phone, tablet or computer.

We recommend that you have a practice partner to take the course with you so that you can experience giving and receiving each technique presented. If that is not possible, we recommend that you take the course live at some point in order to receive the work yourself OR go to a shin tai practitioner who can do it on you. Even though you can learn information and techniques from video instruction (some people even find it easier to learn this way), it is important to feel the effects of the work in your own system. As the bodywork shifts and opens your body, it creates new layers of experiential understanding about the concepts and practical application of the materials.

There is an option to have access to (unedited) video recordings of this class for an added fee of $100.


DATES: September 16-18 & 20-22, 2019

LOCATION:  International School of Shiatsu, 6055 Kellers Church Rd, Pipersville, PA 18947, USA

COST:  $900 new student / $300 repeat fee (the cost is the same for in-person and livestream registration)

COST if paying via BTC, ETH, LTC or BCH: $765 New Student / $250 Repeat fee; email lynn@shintaiinternational.com for details.

CONTACT:  Contact Lynn Goodman at (267) 347-2290 or info@shintaiinternational.com with questions.

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