The Book of Shiatsu - downloadable pdf file

Learn shiatsu with this beautifully detailed book that has nearly 300 clear photographs and illustrations. The Book of Shiatsu provides simple step-by-step instructions for whole body shiatsu. It points out important acupuncture points for specific symptoms, and includes exercises for developing sensitivity and touch.  It also presents techniques for assessing personal physical condition and methods for improving personal health, including dietary suggestions.

This version of the book is a downloadable pdf file;  you order, download it and print it out.  

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Shiatsu Shin Tai - paperback

Shiatsu Shin Tai is an instructional shiatsu book by Saul Goodman. With 240 pages of detailed technique directions, excellent photographic instruction, and unique information on touch, evolution, and the role of bodywork in the expansion of human consciousness, this shiatsu book offers every bodywork practitioner a wealth of knowledge and support.

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Shiatsu Shin Tai - downloadable pdf file

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