Proprioceptive Exercise - for yourself & your clients

DATES: December 8-9, 2018

LOCATION:  International School of Shiatsu, Plumsteadville, PA 18947, USA

COST:  $350 New Student / $100 Repeat Fee

CONTACT:  Contact Lynn Goodman at (267) 347-2290 or with questions.

REGISTER:  Register with Shirley Scranta at ISS; phone 215-795-8065 or email or click below to register online:

Proprioceptive Exercise: for yourself & your clients

Proprioceptive Exercise is a two-day immersion into a unique type of meditative movement that expands perception and increases alignment. Anyone who is interested in self-development and healing can benefit from this course. These exercises are used in the shin tai classes to help practitioners feel and work with energy, as well as create new alignments physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Many of you will recognize them as part of the Light Body Activation work. Anyone interested is welcome to participate. 

The proprioceptive system is a part of the nervous system that monitors physical, emotional, and spiritual alignment. It is the physiological mechanism behind your Inner Guidance  System. You will learn unique techniques to activate proprioceptive awareness, and how to utilize the valuable information it offers. This material is related to the work that used to be covered in the Light Body Activation courses. Much of this work is quite slow and quiet – the exercises are more internal than external.  These exercises are gentle and can be done by anyone regardless of condition or flexibility.

Proprioceptive exercise has many benefits, including:

  • stress release and relaxation

  • increased energy

  • greater physical strength

  • enhanced flexibility

  • develop extraordinary senses like clairvoyance and telepathy

  • reliably initiate connection to your higher self

  • enhance spiritual alignment and life direction

Learn how to activate and manage this rapidly evolving part of your body. This gives you powerful tools for your own self-development and healing, as well as exercises you can teach to your clients.


*  For those who have experience with proprioceptive work, this workshop still offers the benefits of the practice even if you are familiar with the basic techniques. Every proprioceptive journey unfolds differently according to the group. Also, new variations are constantly developing that offer expanding possibilities for participants.