Light Body Activation Courses

Light body activation provides practical skills and reliable devices for recognizing and adjusting the components of the human energy system while utilizing the new capacities that it initiates. These courses are a step by step awakening to the sensibility and faculties of this transforming matrix.

You can participate in these courses via livestream video OR in-person here in Pipersville, PA, USA.


Light Body Activation I: Proprioceptive Exercise

Proprioceptive exercise is a unique meditative activity that leads to improved posture, body flexibility, relaxed breathing, and ease of movement. It helps prevent and resolve stress syndromes while empowering healthier, more functional choices. This class is an excellent entry to the light body activation process.


Light Body Activation II: The Chakras & Kundalini

Light body activation serves as a vehicle for learning, healing and altered dimensional entertainment. During this course participants receive reliable tools and devices for interacting with the chakras, kundalini channels, the bio-plasmic membranes and the cranial rhythm.


Light Body Activation III: New Frontiers in Worldly Integration

We continue with anchoring the light body faculties within the human life. Utilizing the skills obtained in the previous two modules, this course deep dives into healing the physical body, mobilizing the life force and further aligning our life activities with the power of the soul path.

These courses are particularly well-suited to attending via livestream video. The class activities create an expansion of frequencies and subsequent alteration of space/time perception, allowing participants to interact in ways that do not depend on physical proximity.