Light Body Activation II: A Portal for Self-Realization

There is an option to participate in this course from your home via livestream video. If you are interested, please read below for more information.

The light body is a manifesting and evolving energy matrix within the human physiology. It is gradually providing expanded capabilities to the individual and new realizations to group interaction. At the same time, the coming online of the light body is posing several challenges to our life system due to its paradigm shifting effect on the consciousness and the need for its integration with the existing physiology, chemistry and emotional homeostasis.

Light body activation provides practical skills and reliable devices for recognizing and adjusting the components of the human energy system while utilizing the new capacities that it initiates. This course is a step by step awakening to the sensibility and faculties of this transforming matrix.


Light body activation also offers a unique experience of the energy body (bioplasm) as a semi-permeable membrane that can be regulated according to the needs and objectives of the awakening person. Light body activation serves as a vehicle for learning, healing and altered dimensional entertainment. It offers a consciousness playground of self-discovery along with decentralized spiritual development and independent truth verification. Light body activation raises the veil placed on our soul connection by our belief systems and conditionings.

During this course participants receive reliable tools and devices for recognizing, adjusting, and interacting with the chakras, kundalini channels, the bio-plasmic membranes and the cranial rhythm.

Saul Goodman, founder of the International School of Shiatsu and author of Light Body Activation, has developed and taught these unique processes for over 30 years throughout the U.S. and Europe.

A Portal for Decentralized Spiritual Growth

Topics Include:

  • Regulating the semi-permeable bioplasmic membranes for emotional and psychic stability

  • Development of the extraordinary senses (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, sonar)

  • Continuation of self-cranial adjustments and expanding the cranial motion; exploration of the abstract brain

  • Development of human sonar and the telepathic corridor

  • Soul star connection and activation; clarification of the life path

  • Balancing the anterior and posterior chakras

  • Regulating and stabilizing the kundalini channels

  • Regeneration of the thymus gland; strengthening immune system health & enabling distance and relationship healing.

Livestream Option

For those of you who can not make it to this class in-person, you can participate via video livestream. This option requires you to have an internet connection plus a phone, tablet or computer.

There are some portions of this course that involve doing bodywork with a partner; for these you can either plan to have someone with you with whom you can work, or do self-treatment/stretching/proprioceptive work as a substitute. Better yet, find someone who wants to register and take the class with you!

There is an option to have access to (unedited) video recordings of this class for an added fee of $100.


Please note: This course is a five day class that used to be called ‘Light Body Activation, Chakras & the Kundalini’

INSTRUCTOR: Saul Goodman

DATES:  6-10 November 2019

LOCATION: International School of Shiatsu, 6055 Kellers Church Road, Pipersville, PA 18947, USA OR via livestream video from your location

TIME: 10 am - 5:30 pm EST pm each day with a 90 minute lunch break

COST:  $850 new student/$250 repeat fee (the cost is the same for in-person or livestream registration)

COST if paying via BTC, ETH, LTC or BCH: $720 New Student / $210 Repeat fee; email for details.

PREREQUISITE: Proprioceptive Exercise (this is a 2 day class that we are now calling Light Body Activation Part I). Please contact us at with questions or if you would like to participate in this course but have not taken Proprioceptive Exercise.