DATES:  May 15-19, 2019

COST:  $750 New Student / $200 Repeat fee

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Shin Tai techniques are applied with a unique focus that results in unique responses in the body. But it is not the techniques alone which make this bodywork so powerful; it is the comprehensive system of theory and evaluation that lie behind the techniques. This style of bodywork focuses on the flow of the central meridians, or energy flows, of the body: the Governing Vessel & Conception Vessel. In Chinese medicine, these meridians are the core components of the human information system.

This Shin Tai module presents a manual approach to the treatment of the conception vessel (CV) via the hara. Working with the theory that the hara (abdomen) is a central manifestation of the conception vessel, life force is brought back into the CV function by treating this area of the body.  A healthy hara/conception vessel flow is vital for a person’s physical well-being, as well as their ability to manifest dreams, images, and intentions within the life system.

Topics Include:



  • Hara treatment for increasing resonance and recovering life force

  • Hara treatment for improving circulation

  • Hara treatment digestion and elimination

  • Hara treatment for neuro-muscular pain

  • Conception vessel and fascia work

  • Passive adjustment of the hip structure and leg length


  • Connection of the ovum, ovulation, conception vessel, hara, and digestive system

  • Relationship between the conception vessel and hara

  • The connection between hip joints and the hara

  • The role of the hara in life manifestation


  • Hara diagnosis

  • Walking diagnosis

  • Hip evaluation

  • Supine leg length check


Strong Hara Treatment = Strong Practice

If you want to have a thriving practice, learn how to give a good, strong hara treatment. Why? Because a hara treatment will change every client's condition for the better. It is one of the most direct ways to improve someone's health. When you give treatments that clearly bring more vitality, clarity and resilience to someone's life, as strong hara work does, you will attract more clients.

When someone receives hara treatment, many things occur in the body. Circulation is stimulated, digestion strengthens, absorption & blood quality improve, oxygenation of tissues occurs. Hormonal function steps up, reproductive organs awaken and sexual energy receives a boost. The flow of Conception Vessel, the meridian that energizes our ability to materialize our thoughts and dreams, is increased. The physical and energetic benefits are tremendous! Expand your hara work so that you can enjoy the benefits it can bring you and your clients. 


What can this course offer you?

  • You will learn how to give a powerful, transformative hara treatment.

  • You will be able to apply the concepts you learn to improve your present bodywork skills.

  • You will gain skills to give a very effective healing session to friends and family.

  • You will understand the underlying physiology of what you are doing and why it liberates the flow of life force.

  • You will expand into a new range of perception that will give you the capacity to give deeply transformative treatments and assist in your own self-development.

  • You will learn a set of skills that contributes to the well-being of our world.


This course is for beginners and more advanced practitioners.  We have chiropractors, physical therapists, massage therapists, nurses, cranio-sacral therapists, and shiatsu bodyworkers take this course.