Winter Health Tip

Here is a winter health tip to help you weather the coming winter.

Cold weather is on the way.  There are a few simple food choices you can make now that will help your body generate more internal heat for the coming winter.

Many of the common drinks and foods we eat regularly are actually very cooling to the body:  orange juice, salads, tropical fruits, avocados, tomatoes....   Avoiding these items during cold weather can help prepare your system to handle winter.

Winter Health Tip - eat burdock root

Winter Health Tip - eat burdock root

In addition, including foods that help to generate chi deep in the circulatory system can make a big difference in how you feel during the colder months.  Root vegetables like burdock, rutabaga and carrots will stoke up the internal fire.  Make a savory slow-cooked stew with plenty of these vegetables, winter squash and some kombu (a seaweed).  Buckwheat is also a great choice.

Instead of feeling a constant low grade chill, you can transform your body into a heat generator!  Not only is this more enjoyable than shivering the days away, it could save you some money on your heating bills this year :).