Treatment Central Channel and Structural

from Hermann Grobbauer, Bern, Switzerland
Hi Everybody! I want to share an experience from a treatment I gave on 20.4.2011.The client had pain in the lower back. He came on the 14.4.2011 with these symptoms. The structural evaluation result was torsion of the Ilium and of the sacrum: •Standing high Ilium R •Anterior rotation of the left Ilium •Sitting high Ilium R better than standing •R/L/b Torsion of the sacrumTreatment: Main theme was Stage I: the Gluteus point on the right side to L5 – it repeatedly came up. Feedback from the client: a.Problems with his divorced wife. She uses the kids for powering against him. This hurts him in the heart. She is always playing the victim. b.Job: the chiefs are restructuring many things. He has to say nothing; otherwise they threaten him with termination…. Today he came for the 2. time. The symptoms were much better and the main problem was the left shoulder girdle up to the neck. He also has still problems with lying in supine.

Evaluation of hips: 1.equal Iliums 2.Left Ilium rotated anterior 3.Right leg short! 4.Right part of occiput more caudal – about 3 mm (somehow I had the feeling to check it) 5.I asked myself, why is the right leg short, when there is an anterior torsion of the left Ilium and no standing high Ilium.  Fascia tension on the right hip joint from the thigh to the side of Ilium Shoulders/neck 1.More tension and pain in the left shoulder 2.More contraction of the left paravertebrals

Treatment: Central channel: 1.crossover 2.Phase 1: right occiput – releases the short leg and also the occipital rich. He went into stage II of resonance (surprising – maybe it was the effect of the treatment last week…) Fascia on the side of the right leg/hip joint: Leg length stays equal Releasing of the lumbars and the lower cervicals: smooth side to side swinging Releasing the PSOAS! The right one was tensed and very painful Correction of the anterior rotated Ilium: to put my hand under his SIPS, I picked up the right leg and turned him a little bit to the side. This was very painful and he nearly jumped up. He turned to the side. After a few minutes we could do the correction in slow motion. I let him a rest in the left side position. When he stood up, it was quite easy for him. Also when he bent to tie his shoes – nearly 95% improvement. Thanks to the universe for such experiences!