Tool for Low Back Pain, Tight Piriformis, Sciatica

Post from Laura Duffy of NJ, USA: Sacro-wedgy toolI came across a tool called the "Sacrowedgy" for releasing the sacrum.  The name kind of put me off at first, but after checking out the website and videos, I decided to order and try with family and some clients.  Everyone has had really good results, however, a few also needed more of the Shin Tai techniques I've learned so far to help move out any remaining restrictions.  



One client has very tight hamstrings, despite doing all the structural work - hip clearing stretches, structural corrections.  I've been doing your work I've learned so far with her since last January, and herlow back pain has cleared out about 80%.  Despite all this work, her hamstrings continue to tighten up after the sessions.  She used this tool for a week, came in for a session, and went to a 90-degree straight leg hamstring stretch on the first try.  It was pretty dramatic!

Sacrowedgy Use