Shiatsu Shin Tai Bodywork Enhances Development

Bodywork Accelerates Motion Awaken Motion

Shiatsu Shin Tai bodywork initiates accelerated wave movement in the body.  We begin to physically, emotionally, and mentally integrate experiences and information that were formerly believed to be only available to us through reaching very high states of spiritual development, or by leaving the physical body altogether.  As Governing Vessel and Conception Vessel motion increases and the Central Channel accelerates its activity, the wave experience is activated while we are still in the three-dimensional form.


Higher Frequencies Affect Perception

When we bring a higher frequency vibration into our body, the whole quality of our material world is transformed in terms of how we create and perceive it.  In this way, we are using our physical form and its resonating capacity to bring the entire material plane into a higher vibration.

We are unifying within ourselves the paradox of particle (body) and wave (consciousness) and activating the abstract functions of our higher mind.  Evolution is taking place as a result of the interaction between our consciousness and our pre-programmed cellular memory.

Enhance Development & Expansion

We can see that the circulation of energy, as one of our primary experiences, not only directs our growth and development during gestation, but it also regulates information exchanges in this world.  As the GV and CV accelerate and integrate with the other energy functions along the spine, it opens the possibility for our continued development and expansion into a multi-dimensional experience.

multi-dimensional experience