The Inspired Shiatsu Practitioner

We have been sharing a series of videos about the origin of shiatsu in order to bring the spirit of this work back into the heart of shiatsu practice. This next video is called 'The Inspired Shiatsu Practitioner.' It is about bringing inspiration & creativity back into your daily treatments. So many bodyworkers tell us that this is a major issue in their practices! 

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The Heart of a Shiatsu Practice

I am inspired to share this material at this time because I have seen many bodyworkers growing frustrated and bored with the application of complex diagnosis and rigid protocols. I see them struggle to give strong, effective sessions that build a thriving practice.

A practitioner may know many techniques and concepts but not be generating chi flow within treatments, which is the factor that creates the most positive and reliable results.  Although modern meridian treatment is very valuable, it is best combined with a strong foundation of more simple, whole body chi techniques. This information has been dropped from many curriculums during these last decades of shiatsu standardization and accreditation.  Learning (or relearning!) the roots of shiatsu can bring inspiration & creativity back into your practice and your life.

In order to provide this foundation in traditional shiatsu, we offer an instructional video course called Shiatsu Techniques of the Masters.  For more info, please click below: 

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