Stress Matrix in Body Tissues

The body tissue have memory.  They record the pictures, sounds, smells, tastes, and stimulations that are present during a traumatic experience or stressful time period in a person's life.  It is not uncommon during release of tissue restriction for the receiver to re-experience feelings related to past events or injuries. The body/mind has to continuously exert energy to hold the stress and any subsequent compensations that take place within the tissues and structures.  A person's life force literally becomes anchored into the stress system - part of them is locked into the time that the event occurred.  They continue to relive the experience by transposing it into the present through their actions, thoughts, interpretations, and creations.  This part of their life force is not available to be used for what they want to do in the present.  Even though they try, it is difficult to change.

Fascia Release of Stress Matrix

As more motion and space come back into the body with Shin Tai treatment, these stress compressions open up and release.  Life force that was trapped in the stress matrix cycles back into the activities and concerns of the present.  This is a physiological mechanism for bringing the receiver into the now.