Shiatsu Shin Tai Treatments for Clarity & Change

Many times when people receive Shin Tai bodywork, they want to know more about the process of change and healing that are initiated.  This is great, because the more understanding someone has about it, the more the effects of the treatments are amplified.  Please use this article for yourself as well as sharing it with your clients.  

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Saul Goodman 

What do Shiatsu Shin Tai treatments do?

Shiatsu Shin tai treatments focus on restoring the flow and circulation of life force. When life force does not circulate well, the body gives delayed, past time information. This makes it difficult to see what is going on in the present, and clouds our ability to respond appropriately to current events.  Treatments help to free the information system, and enable one to function more in real time.

Receiving treatments on a regular basis clears the information system at a deeper level.  It keeps our inner guidance system on track, while freeing it from inaccurate past time chatter.  Projects, goals and relationships are empowered by the real-time information provided by a clear system.


How often should someone get treatments?

In order to maintain ongoing, real-time clarity, getting 1 to 3 Shiatsu Shin Tai treatments a month is optimal. The frequency also depends on the life demands during the current time period.

Can treatments facilitate deep change?

Treatments can facilitate deep change and transformation of unproductive life patterns - patterns that undermine health, well being and the ability to experience happiness.  Change on this level has great rewards, but at the same time can present many challenges.  We have to be willing to go underneath the surface to address beliefs and behaviors that we don’t see or are not willing to consider.

It is like trying to fix up a distressed house. We can’t just paint the outside and rearrange the furniture to make it a healthy living space.  Approached in this way, the house will continue to deteriorate and provide less and less support for our life. It will continue to take more of our energy trying to keep up with the negative results of disrepair.

structural repair for deep healing - house
structural repair for deep healing - house

To get real results, it is essential to get the functional systems like electrical and plumbing back into good working order so that the house can provide a healthy, nurturing environment. The foundation of the house needs to be addressed as well, so that there is structural integrity to insure long term stability.

The quality of life change that many coming for treatments are seeking requires a reorientation of what our own “inner-formation system” provides on a moment to moment basis. Treatments that liberate our inner guidance, so that it can deliver real time information and perception, greatly enable this kind of paradigm shift. The results can be blissful and the challenges many.

What indicates that deep change is underway?

  • the enthusiasm to engage is recovered
  • there is more willingness to participate
  • one feels more relaxed
  • your body works better
  • what you want to do, and the priorities for doing it, become clear
  • choices you make are based on what is healthy, functional and in alignment with your life direction
  • you start to experience more ease in life events

Challenges that can come with deep change:

  • Deep change can reveal what we don’t want to see about our self and our beliefs.
  • Sometimes the first signs of change come in small degrees and are indirect.
  • Often the initial indications of change can feel unrelated or insignificant to the main issues.
  • We want to stop treatments when difficult, self-sabotaging feelings come to the surface.
  • Being in real time causes us to be relentlessly honest with ourselves and others.
  • We may transfer negative perceptions and feelings onto the practitioner that is facilitating this process.
  • We may need to distance ourself from people, situations, and activities that contribute to negative feelings and behaviors.
  • We create reasons for dropping out of the treatment process, such as having no time, something else came up, not enough money, conflicting work schedule etc.

It is a good idea for practitioners to educate their clients about some of these possible challenges.  This helps clients to recognize them more easily, understand the process of healing, and gain the will to persevere through the challenges.

Treatment Frequency for Life Quality Change

A series of 10- 20 treatments are recommended to initiate deep life quality change.  Treatments are received one or two times a week .  After a short break of 3 to 6 weeks, another series of 10 treatments is recommended.

Once these sessions are completed, treatments 1-2 times a month are optimal to help stay in real-time. The frequency of course also depends on current life circumstances.

Healthy Eating healthy meal
Healthy Eating healthy meal

Clients who want to experience this in-depth treatment process are also asked to participate with homework that revolves around various types of exercise, activities and basic nutritional changes.

Participants are required to make a commitment of time and energy.  This kind of personal investment help assure that the process leads to an expanded life experience in many aspects: creativity, work, relationships, prosperity, health, and life direction to name a few.

It has been quite rewarding to work with people who decide to engage in a treatment strategy like this.  The dynamic life changes that occur are inspiring and enjoyable for both the practitioner and the receiver!

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