A Unique Approach to Getting More Clients

Getting More Clients:  Work From the Inside Out

When we want to have more clients for our bodywork business, we usually address the issue by taking actions such as improving services, emails, websites, webinars, events, ads, etc.  Although these things are of course valuable to work with, there is a another approach that can help anyone get more clients immediately.  It is more in alignment with the natural, hands-on approach that many bodyworkers prefer.  And it is free, simple, and enjoyable!  You can work internally to change the external reality of how many clients you have.  By generating more energy, balance, and alignment in your body, you will naturally attract not only more clients, but also more ideal clients.

This is a practical and efficient way to address the situation, and will also improve the quality of everything else that you are involved with in your daily life.  We need to be reminded of it often, so that we take a little time and a little energy to focus our sometimes limited resources in the most potent direction.  So if you want more clients, make sure to take a few minutes improve your physical, emotional, mental, and vibrational health.  


Your Body is Your Website

We all have a body and it is our primary communications 'device.'  It broadcasts a frequency that is heard (usually unconsciously) by people near and far from us.  As bodyworkers, working on our own health is often second nature to us;  you probably have a variety of information and tools that you have used over the years.  But anyone can work with their own body in a simple way and quickly get an increase in clients.

Your body is your website to the world.  The vibrations that you emanate are a 24/7 livestream  of webinars/emails/ads that can broadcast your most unique and valuable information.  It's much more effective than a facebook ad and is quite frankly, more enjoyable to spend an hour setting up!  


Send Out a Vibrational Invite

So if you want more clients (all the time, or maybe just this week or today), spend 5-60 minutes exercising (whatever form attracts you the most).  Then follow it up with some quiet sitting time;  this will relax and expand your energy system.   Do some proprioceptive exercise if you know how - it is perfect for this!  Lastly, make sure to take a moment (or many moments) to send out a vibrational invite to any clients who could benefit from your services.  Think of it as a t-mail (telepathic mail) that lets clients know they are welcome and you are ready to serve them. 



Anyone can do this in simple way.  Like any other skill, it can also be developed to complex levels.  But a simple short exercise/meditation session will also have an effect.  Just the intention to use your own increased vitality to attract new clients will bear fruit, often immediately.  We have literally had the experience, many times, of having the phone ring WHILE we are doing this. 


Take it Up a Notch

If you want to take this up a notch, get a treatment yourself.  It will release some stress, create more alignment physically and vibrationally, and boost your vitality.  Even if you don't feel like you have the money or time for it, make it happen.  More money and time will roll in soon when you are more balanced and strong.  Plus, you get to support another bodyworker, spread your wealth around, and show the universe that you believe in the power of bodywork.  

Improve your 'advertising' even more by eating some high quality organic food that suits what your body needs right now.  It will improve your blood quality and thus your magnetism.  Even one good meal increases your life force and ability to help others.  Commit to a day or a week of better quality food and watch your results amplify.  


A New Kind of 'Advertising'

Many people don't want to spend much time on the computer and working with all the technology in order to promote their business.  Especially bodyworkers.  We are notorious for avoiding making a website, doing any kind of marketing, and dealing with all the different social media outlets.  It is not just because these dimensions of interaction are not the most aligned with what shiatsu shin tai is all about, although that has truth for sure.  It is also because there are actually more cutting edge and efficient ways to connect with others that are more in alignment with our biology.  

These methods increase health, rather than deteriorate it.  Combining them with technology is a great way to interface with the world we presently live in while respecting our inner desires to connect in new ways with the people who may benefit from what we have to offer.