Dimensions of Energy in the Body

Dimensions of Energy in the Body

One of the unique aspects to Shin Tai bodywork is that it addresses various dimensions of energy in the body.  Depending on the need of the receiver during a treatment, a practitioner may work with their skeletal alignment (structural work), muscles, fascia, meridians, chakras, and outerbody layers.  These different components of the physiology can all be an important part of increasing the flow and balance of life force.  This video goes through a brief description of some of these 'dimensions' and their main qualities.

Shin Tai practitioners are trained to know which layer or dimension is a priority during treatment.  There is an endless variety of combinations that might present themselves.  Developing acute perception and an array of techniques to address the various dimensions is integral to skillfully facilitate more freedom in someone's system.

New Shin Tai School in Slovenia

From Jani Golobic: Hi friends,

I'm happy that I can tell you that we started with a 3 year, 700 hour Shintai/Shiatsu school in Ljubljana, Slovenia.  "We" are Gill, Char and me.  We have 12 students, and I think this is wonderful beginning.  Hurrah!

The curriculum is modeled after the one they have created in England, with Governing Vessel and Conception Vessel being taught before the more traditional shiatsu course.  Shin Tai is really making headway.

Shin Tai in Slovenia

Shiatsu Shin Tai in Slovenia