The Original Spirit of Shiatsu

Early on in Saul Goodman's bodywork studies, he had the good fortune to study with several of the shiatsu pioneers that brought the practice to the West. He took classes with Masunaga, Yamamoto, Kushi, Bo-In Lee and Ohashi.  As shiatsu has become more standardized in the last 25 years, much of the spirit & style of these original teachers has fallen out of use. 

He would like to share some of the things he learned in order to revive the spirit of this traditional shiatsu.  This will bring more vitality into your practice & your life!  Click the play button on the image below to watch a short video called The Original Spirit of Shiatsu:



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Shiatsu & the Primitive Nature of Chi

This is a short clip of Saul Goodman discussing the primitive nature of traditional shiatsu.  Saul is highlighting the strength of the original shiatsu that was introduced to the west in its ability to address the primitive energy, or chi, of a human being.  

Saul actually studied with Masunaga and greatly respects his teachings, and he also wants to stress that the use of organ diagnosis and meridian treatment should not override paying attention to the the condition of overall chi in the body.