Client Does Hip Clearings with Her Mother

Posted by Lynn Goodman: Thought I'd share this story that a client just told me.  After a session two weeks ago where we did all the structure work together she wanted to know more about the hip clearings.  I gave more verbal detail and directions while we went over them again - she was especially interested to hear how they helped to activate and balance out the hormonal and kidney energy in the body.

Hip ClearingThe next evening she was visiting her elderly mother, who had just strained her back.  She decided to do the hip clearings with her.  She only remembered some of how to do them, but focused on the range of motion, feeling the spring, and working with the breath.


Although during the exercises her mother kept complaining and telling her how it probably was NOT helpful (I can picture this, I know her mother....), she persevered.  They ended up enjoying being together in this new way.  The next morning her mother woke up and said, "Wow, that DID help!  I feel so much better!"

I love hearing that someone with no bodywork experience can use some of the techniques to help a family member in a simple way.