Shiatsu Shin Tai Demo Treatment - focus on Advanced Central Channel

Here is a video of a demonstration Shiatsu Shin Tai treatment given during an Advanced Central Channel course in Doylestown, PA, USA. Saul Goodman is the instructor, treating David Imhoof, a Shin Tai teacher from Switzerland. The treatment is well into Phase II and III motions when the filming begins, so many alternative contacts are used. The receiver's body is doing much of the work during a treatment once there are these motions present. There are some wonderful exhibitions of paravertebral contractions, medial/lateral heel motion, occiput/sacral synchronization, and shoulder/scapula motion.

The course included learning alternative contacts for Stage I-V, anterior contacts, working with the cranial sutures to do vertebral adjustments, and other material.  Progression into more non-linear treatment was the focus.  


This course was followed by a 2 day Advanced Central Channel Clinic on Oct 29-30.  Students participated in various group treatment exercises to take the material further.  We also be observed and treatments of outside participants to learn more about how to integrate this advanced work with other Shin Tai work, as well as massage, shiatsu, craniosacral, and chiropractic.  

Cranial Motion Video

Here is a short video showing typical motions of some of the main cranial bones.  Learning to work with these motions consciously, freeing, balancing, and amplifying their range has a wide range of health benefits and increases telepathic faculties.  This video comes with two guided audios offered through Outernet Telepathic Web, a global peace initiative facilitated by Saul & Lynn Goodman.  For more info, please go to:  Telepathy I & II Outernet audios.