How Deep Can You Allow Yourself to Be Yourself?

by David Imhoof, Zurich, Switzerland Hello everyone.  Thank you for this possibility to write down and share my experience with that work!

Over the last weeks I have been treating (for the first time) two clients with Hemiparesis. It is interesting for me to witness, how quickly fascia starts moving, how meridians respond all along their way through the system very clearly, and how motion into RES 1 (phase of resonance) takes place over the treatment(s) through SHIN TAI and SHIASTU techniques (I have to adapt them to the the situaton what is another very interesting part of development for me). Today I wondered:   That at some level, those clients seem to enable movement in an easier way - in spite of their "disability". Some parts of the body with actually no conscious feeling actually is what starts reacting most in terms of motion in that part of the body, but also towards "starting the motor" running. Probably it is because I am giving those "yearning"-KYO-joints, -muscles, -bones, -meridians etc. the attention.

I asked myself again: How deep can you allow yourself to be yourself?

Some other clients seem to constantly not allow themselves to feel the sensations in- and connectedness to their body. But cut themselves off those possibilities, the moment new sensations start to popp up in a glimpse of a moment. "It might be not acurate..." At the other hand, how deep can I allow myself to let happen what happens? Staying in that neutral and clear focus of listening, without pushing or judging!? With patience. We really are growing as slowly as plants I guess. But a small step might also have a huge effect.

Since the "Teachers Training" I feel on some deep level more at ease with myself, trusting my work - my focus has eased down as well, without getting unpresent - and I realise; another kind of "understanding" is growing about "reading what is there." It is like an unspectacular beauty in a very spectacular way.