Bon voyage Beverly ~

Beverly Pattenden Beverly Pattenden passed away in the presence of her family last week after a serious illness. She was an artist, shin tai practitioner, nature lover, and mother who was intensely passionate about life. We wanted to share this news with Shin Tai practitioners and teachers, as many people in that community knew and worked with her.

Beverly studied at the International School of Shiatsu in Doylestown, PA for many years. After beginning her own practice, she continued to come back to the school to assist Shin Tai courses. She gave her time, energy, and care to helping others learn about bodywork, healing, and other aspects of self-development. Her passionate interest in shin tai and light body activation provided support and encouragement that were welcome and appreciated.

Beverly handled the last 5 1/2 months with courage and strength. After receiving a diagnosis of lung cancer in late June, she addressed the situation with resolve. She researched and applied western and natural healing methods, and was fully engaged in the process of conscious healing. She realized that 'healing' could mean many things and might not lead to more life in her present form. We only heard her say positive things about her friends, family, doctors, and medical care.

Despite being in intense pain almost constantly and quite ill, she persevered in living and immersing herself in the truth of her situation. Many people were inspired by her spirit and grateful for the opportunity to share part of her journey. We wish her peace and ease into the next phase of her life.

Bon voyage Beverly! We will miss your ready smile, probing mind, quick wit, and infectious laughter ~


Her family will be planning a memorial service sometime in January. We will send out an announcement of the date so that you can attend if you choose.