Advanced Central Channel - a short Shin Tai treatment using anterior contacts

This short demo treatment was given during an Advanced Central Channel course given by Saul Goodman in November 2014. It includes work with some anterior contacts. Central Channel is part of Shiatsu Shin Tai. It works to free the body of menningal stress patterns. As space and motion are recovered, the body begins to literally enter more fully into the present time continuum. Central Channel work has been referred to as the 'jazz' of bodywork due to its complexity, intelligence, and creativity.

The material in this treatment is geared for practitioners who have already done extensive study in Shiatsu Shin Tai, although the concepts could be helpful for any bodyworker to see.

These anterior contacts usually present themselves once life force is really activated in the body,and there are phase II & III motions. Common locations include the sternum and manubrium, the ribs, the xyphoid process, the top of the pubic bone, and the collar bone.


Shiatsu Shin Tai is a comprehensive, precise, and highly effective healing touch therapy developed by Saul Goodman. It expands on traditional Shiatsu massage to create an evolutionary system of diagnosis and technique that stimulates the flow of life force in the body.