Light Body Activation: A Portal to Decentralized Spiritual Growth - Part III

This is Part III of a three part article on light body activation

Decentralized Spiritual Growth

The activation is in contrast with the traditional paradigm of the master/disciple, a paradigm that may have run its course as decentralized spiritual growth and independent truth verification emerge.

In reality a master is a teacher or guide that has a more developed understanding of a subject or technique than most. As personalities, they usually radiate higher frequencies which entrain the attention of the student or disciple to his or her teachings. The student/disciple develops over time in the relationship and environment that this creates.

History repeatedly shows the consequence of institutionalized spiritual teachings and the pain, suffering and repression it can cause.

History repeatedly shows the consequence of institutionalized spiritual teachings and the pain, suffering and repression it can cause.

It’s great if one has the opportunity to study with such a master with the understanding that the knowledge and training can help develop your skills and insight. At the same time, if we rigidly hold someone as master, ultimately we make ourself dependent (a slave) and limit our ability to discover and validate information/experience on our own. The teachings can reach a point of diminishing return as they turn into obligation and dogma. History repeatedly shows the consequence of institutionalized spiritual teachings and the pain, suffering and repression it can cause.

So we can learn from, and even emulate a teacher for some time. We can model and generate our ideas from their teachings, but eventually we must integrate the essence of a teaching and go on to respectfully think for ourselves.* We need to develop the ability to recognize what is useful, healthy and real based on our own direct experience.

During light body activation training, participants learn to activate part of the nervous system called the proprioceptive system. The proprioceptive system and the awareness/information it provides is the root of the ‘inner guide.’ It is an innate intelligence that works to bring us to alignment and homeostasis. It operates structurally, chemically, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually. 

When developing a proprioceptive awareness, we start to receive what was previously unnoticed information and begin to process it consciously. The conscious interface with the proprioceptive system creates a new intelligence in making decisions and choosing direction. When the proprioceptive information registers at the conscious level, it enables a more dynamic and synergistic response at all levels of the life system.

* This doesn’t mean we abandon, or invalidate the teacher or their teachings. We may incorporate a significant portion of the principles and practice into our own teaching or protocol. It is important to acknowledge the value of previous trainings and influences. You may also choose to work a whole life time in the framework of a teachers work, as long as you are clear about that choice.

Independent Truth Verification

Proprioceptive awareness plays an important role in recognizing what is true; physically, emotionally, and psychologically. It ultimately leads us to resonance with the soul and becomes a compass for what the soul wants to accomplish through its human surrogate.

Truth verification is an evaluation process that enables us to determine which activities and relationships are healthy, functional and empowering. It is the ability to confirm personal insights about a wide variety of topics, and validate external information coming from associates, teachers, books, doctrine, media, politics, research, etc. 

As we open to higher states of consciousness, the individual and group can merge and function as one. An individual can vacillate between the two states, embracing one without sacrificing the other. It is similar to the particle and wave, where there are seemingly two very different entities that are, in reality, the same thing at the same time. 

We can evaluate information coming to us from inside or outside using the proprioceptive intelligence, and verify that assessment by noticing different forms of confirmation that come to us over time. This includes: other individuals or groups, scientific research, journals, simultaneous discoveries in different parts of the world, events, and synchronicity.

In this process we become like a cell or node that interacts with other nodes until we confirm the accuracy and value of a technique, concept, idea or vision. We can confirm using our inner compass and verify through multiple sources as they register from within the collective.

Running in the Background

Once the discernment faculties of the light body become functional, it acts like a security application on a computer or cell phone. The light body application comes to the forefront of activity during higher frequency events such as journeying, meditation, healing work, etc. It then recedes and runs in the background when we return to our daily physical life of work, shopping, socializing, domestic maintenance, finances, etc.

The light body acts as a security application that runs in the background during daily activities.

The light body monitors incoming and outgoing information, acting as a discernment mechanism while a person continues daily life activities.

The light body monitors incoming and outgoing information, acting as a discernment mechanism while a person continues daily life activities.


The light body alerts us when there is a manipulation or disempowerment event taking place. It sets off an alarm when a negative agreement contract is being set up and enables us to hold our power and maintain integrity.

Transformation of Entertainment

Activation of the light body transforms the experience that we call entertainment.* This may include what we think of as normal forms, such as movies, concerts, books, theatre etc.,it also expands to previously unnoticed opportunities that give us more engaging, penetrating satisfaction. These are self generated energetic events that could include interfacing with nature forces like water, plants, insects, animals or other humans. It also refers to the experience of interacting with higher consciousness entities, cellular memory, or journeying with the light body vehicle through vibrational dimensions.

Consciousness entertainment is also experienced through the sensation of healing/regeneration via chakras, kundalini forces, and going beyond the mental membrane where we connect to the soul frequencies. Elevated, sublime experiences also occur when the sexual energy is intentionally synthesized with the higher energy centers of the body. It transforms the orgasm into an energetic euphoria that takes place when the soul frequencies penetrate the bio-plasmic body into the core layer of the crown chakra. 

Whereas normal entertainment usually places us as an observer to events, performance, and stories, consciousness playground entertainment places us as the central creator, director and participant. Merging or interfacing at the bio-plasmic level with the environment, people, and entities produces an altered atmosphere of stimulation and, sensory/information exchange. It begins to replace previous stimulation producing or desire satisfying activities with dynamic enlightening experiences. 

While many forms of entertainment drain energy and resources, consciousness entertainment creates energy, is productive, and promotes regeneration.

* Entertainment: 1. The action of providing or being provided with amusement, enjoyment, or play.   2. An event, performance, or activity designed to entertain others.

Light Body Activation Training 


A light body activation training provides practical skills and clear devices for regulating the components of the evolving human energy system. It is a guided, step-by-step progression that enables one to process and integrate the transforming perceptions of mind, body and nature. It opens new frontiers in education, relationship dynamics and real time, real life entertainment experiences. 

During the training, participants develop reliable tools for seeing, adjusting, and utilizing chakras, kundalini channels, bio-plasmic membranes and the cranial rhythm. The training reorients and stabilizes homeostasis.

Light Body Activation Part I is being held on June 8-9, 2019 in Pipersville, PA. All are welcome to attend in-person or via livestream video.

For information about the upcoming class Light Body Activation I, please click the link below. You can attend this course in-person or via livestream video. Anyone is welcome to attend-