Light Body Activation: A Portal to Decentralized Spiritual Growth

This is Part I of a three part article on light body activation

Light Body Activation: A Portal to Decentralized Spiritual Growth

Light body activation is a process of noticing that there is a well-defined energy matrix extending out from our physical body. It occurs as the presence of this matrix registers within the consciousness. The realization jolts the mind/ body and triggers an acceleration of the matrix components, activities and capabilities.

Light body activation opens a port of entry to a library of information and multiple dimensions of experience. As we hone the use of the light body faculties, access is gained to an endless stream of discovery, education and quality consciousness entertainment. Awakening to the presence of one’s light body vigorously enhances personal growth, relationship dynamics, and the understanding of one’s true nature. It begins to clarify why you are here in this life, and unfolds a roadmap of what you are meant to do accordingly.

Activation provides a vehicle for healing, regeneration, and altered dimensions of experience. It offers a consciousness playground of metaphysical discovery, decentralized spiritual growth and independent truth verification capabilities. Activation raises the veil placed on our soul origin by conditioning and beliefs and; this enables a tremendous release of life stress.

The activation process also reveals a profound insight: the energy body (bio-plasm) is a semi-permeable, selective membrane. It can be regulated according to the needs and objectives of an awakening individual.


What is the Light Body?

“The light body is the operating system of the next phase in human evolution. It exerts paradigm shifting influences on our perceptions, values, and experience.”

The light body is an energy matrix evolving from the human physiology, particularly the nervous system. It is a physio-energetic system that is currently accelerating in development due to various influences, such as the force of evolution, involution* and digital wireless technology.

The light body is composed of several layers and components which are changing at a logarithmic pace. It is similar to when the neuronet of the brain suddenly expanded two million years ago during what is called “the quantum leap.” The process is a continuation of what began as a single cell within the earth’s ancient ocean and transformed over billions of years into a multicellular consciousness being.

Development of the systems in evolution; the outerbody is now in a phase of rapid development.

Development of the systems in evolution; the outerbody is now in a phase of rapid development.


The synergy of the matrix components gradually provides expanded capabilities to the individual and realizations to group, societal interaction. The system is becoming more sophisticated in order to accommodate our consciousness vehicle as it begins to function in a multidimensional arena. This includes the physical plane, the consciousness plane and dimensions where the perception of linear time gives way to a non-time continuum.

Development of the Light Body

During the development of a fetus, we see that in the first phases the body systems are like imprints or shadows within the fetal membrane. At certain stages, there is an acceleration of growth and more of each system manifests. Finally, each system blooms into full maturity and complexity, forming an intricate network throughout the body.

This sequence of system development and complexification is similar to the development of a plant’s root system. First, the roots develop silently underground for a period of time with very little evidence of growth above ground. Then, suddenly, growth above ground will accelerate as the plant uses the nutritive sources that the now expanded roots are able to absorb.Each system helps create the conditions for another system to come into being.

Biological systems themselves develop in the same way, originally through different species, during millions of years of evolution. The digestive, circulatory, respiratory, and nervous systems all went through a process of manifestation as living beings became in need of their functions. The environment itself can be a major stimulant in this continual, albeit sporadic, outgrowth of biological creativity.

During this phase of ‘time’ (if we agree for now to explore our existence within the somewhat contrived confines of linear chronology), the light body is being called forth into rapid development and complexification so that we can survive and thrive. The development of this bioplasmic energy body is following the same path as other systems of the body.

Until recently, the light body has operated in more vague, basic patterns of energy and information. It is now quickly blooming into a mature, complex system. The development of functions in this vibrational field are presently accelerating in many people, and these functions are becoming more specific and well-defined.

* Influences of higher consciousness and celestial forces entering and synthesizing with current levels of perception, awareness and understanding.

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