Working with the Cuboid Bone

Working with the Cuboid Bone

The following video is a short clip from the online course "Governing Vessel Part III: The Lumbars, Hip Structure & Feet." Please watch to learn how to bring more mobility and alignment to the cuboid bone of the foot. This has a major impact on how force is dissipated throughout the body during upright activities.


Arches of the Feet

Working with the cuboid bone is one factor in restoring the very important function of the arches in the foot. When operating properly, the arch system helps to dissipate forces that enter the body from the impact of walking and running. When the arches do not function in the right way, these forces move up into the body and can adversely affect the ankles, knees, hips, spine and cranium.


The longitudinal arch of the foot transmits the force of gravity and body weight into the ground when standing, and to the big toe when moving. This creates a giant lever that gives spring to the gait. The transverse arch is mainly responsible for absorbing shock from the impact of our body weight during walking and running. It also keeps the body stable and balanced.


Restoring Arch Function

If for any reason the articulations of the foot operate incorrectly, it can have consequences on the rest of the body, especially over time. When the shock of impact from motion is not dissipated at the arch, it is transferred up into the body; it becomes internalized as the structures above brace against it. When these forces of body motion are unresolved, everything from the hip joints to the atlas and cranium can become compressed. This contributes to body tensions, binding of the soft tissue and can literally shock the internal organs. The following technique helps to restore the mobility and alignment of the cuboid bone and enhance arch function.


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