Getting in Touch with Your Inner Guide: Proprioceptive Exercise

Proprioceptive Exercise gives you a direct line to cultivate the essential, yet often times elusive, connection with your inner guidance system.

— Saul Goodman

Proprioceptive exercise gives you a direct line to cultivate the essential, yet often times elusive connection with your inner guidance system. It also promotes the release of restriction and stress in the body, allowing a natural state of vibrant well-being to become dominant. This increases the potential for each moment to be a healthy, fulfilling, joyful experience. We have all heard the expression ‘Be in the now.’ This is a process that literally brings the physical and vibrational aspects of you more into alignment with present time.

The proprioceptive system is a part of the nervous system that monitors alignment. Proprioceptive exercise activates the proprioceptive system and expands proprioceptive awareness. It is the physiological mechanism behind your Inner Guidance  System. Much of this work is quite slow and quiet – the exercises are more internal than external. They are gentle and can be done by anyone regardless of condition or flexibility.

Our Evolving Physiology


Our human physiology is always evolving; it is a manifestation that is in a process of progressive development. The component of our physiology that is in the most rapid phase of transformation is our energy system, or vibrational body. This evolution is preparing us to experience new dimensions of activity and consciousness, and it has strong effects on our physical, emotional and mental health. If you are interested in this topic, your body is well on its way in this evolutionary process. Even reading about it will further stimulate the evolution of your system.

Proprioceptive exercise and the accompanying light body activation processes stimulate this evolution. The accelerating activities of the energy body (also called the bioplasmic body, the outerbody or the aura) impact body chemistry, organ function, structural alignment, emotional balance and mental clarity. Consciousness itself shifts according to the condition of this bioplasmic energy system (and vice versa).

Why do these changes have such a strong effect on our experience? As the energy system becomes more sophisticated, there is literally more current moving through the body. This creates more friction against areas of restriction and misalignment, whether they are physical, emotional or mental. Pressure builds up against misaligned vertebra, tight tissues, dis-eased organs, emotional wounds, rigid beliefs…. restriction at any level of the body/emotion/mind construct will be challenged as energy flow increases through the system. Learning tools to work with this part of ourselves is a vital to maintaining balance and strength in our daily lives. This is why there is such an explosion of interest in mindfulness, meditation, yoga, healthful eating, etc. People are creating new ways to stay healthy and strong amidst rapid changes both external and internal.

Proprioceptive Exercise & Light Body Activation

The proprioceptive exercise and light body activation material has been developed by Saul Goodman throughout the last 25+ years. It provides tools for people to sensitize, expand and regulate the bioplasmic body in order to enhance the quality of their life experience. The processes detail safe, replicable mechanisms that expand frequency and perception. This opens the door to work consciously with vibrational components of ourselves. It is one thing to conceptualize the meridians, chakras, auric layers, etc. and quite another to be able to actually experience them directly.

Class discussion on development of the bioplasmic energy system

Class discussion on development of the bioplasmic energy system


Proprioceptive exercise is a meditative type of unique movement and focus that activates the proprioceptive system, which is part of the nervous system that governs alignment. The proprioceptive system is a person's own inner guidance system, similar to GPS. Restrictions in a person’s body can hamper proper information flow in the proprioception, leading to directions that are distorted and erroneous. This type of exercise expands the bioplasmic body and brings a person into direct contact with this part of their physiology so that they can work with it in a deliberate way.

As the bioplasmic body complexifies into a coordinated system of accelerating components it becomes the developing light body. During light body activation courses, participants work with the etheric, emotional/astral, and mental bodies along with their relationship with the physical form, chakras, kundalini channels and other vibrational components of the developing energy system. The focus in this work is on preparing the body for safe and fulfilling explorations. Participants experience a relaxed, integrated expansion so that there can be smooth integration between the physical and bioplasmic body.

So we use the tool of proprioceptive exercise to prepare the body and perceptions so that a person actually feels their energy body and can interface with it directly. Often, people have concepts of the energy system and ideas of how it functions but do not necessarily feel it. This work is designed to expand the frequencies of the body so that new perceptual capabilities create a visceral, sensory experience of the vibrational (and physical) parts of your body.

Proprioceptive exercise can be used by anyone for strength, flexibility, energy, emotional balance, and mental clarity. It can be combined with any other self-development practice such as yoga or meditation. It can be used to deepen all creative activities like art, music, cooking and dance. It is a tool that to enhance any experience. If you are interested in learning proprioceptive exercise, there is a 2-day course in Pipersville, PA on 8-9 June 2019. Please click here for more details or see below.

How Does Proprioceptive Exercise Relate to Bodywork?

This type of exercise is a regular part of the shin tai bodywork classes for two main reasons: 1. to release restrictions and promote alignment for personal health and 2. to be able to perceive subtle energies while treating so that practitioners can facilitate sessions with more effectiveness. Practitioners are encouraged to teach their regular clients some of the proprioceptive work in order to have them participate more actively in their treatment process.

Light Body Activation I: Proprioceptive Exercise & the Cranial Bones

If you can not attend in person, there is now an option to participate in this class via livestream video. Please click the ‘Learn More’ button below for details.

This weekend class is a two-day immersion into a unique type of meditative movement that expands perception and increases alignment. Anyone who is interested in self-development and healing can benefit from this course. These exercises are used in the shin tai classes to help practitioners feel and work with energy, as well as create new alignments physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Anyone interested is welcome to participate.

The proprioceptive system is a part of the nervous system that monitors physical, emotional, and spiritual alignment. It is the physiological mechanism behind your Inner Guidance  System. You will learn unique techniques to activate proprioceptive awareness, and how to utilize the valuable information it offers. Much of this work is quite slow and quiet – the exercises are more internal than external.  These exercises are gentle and can be done by anyone regardless of condition or flexibility.

Proprioceptive exercise has many benefits, including:

  • stress release and relaxation

  • increased energy

  • greater physical strength

  • enhanced flexibility

  • develop extraordinary senses like clairvoyance and telepathy

  • reliably initiate connection to your higher self

  • enhance spiritual alignment and life direction

For more information in this upcoming workshop, please click the link below:

* For those who have experience with proprioceptive work, this workshop still offers the benefits of the practice even if you are familiar with the basic techniques. Every proprioceptive journey unfolds differently according to the group. Also, new variations are constantly developing that offer new possibilities for participants.