The Light Body as a Security Application: Running in the Background

Once the discernment faculties of the developing light body become functional, it acts like a security application on a computer or cell phone. The light body application comes to the forefront of activity during higher frequency events such as journeying, meditation, healing work, etc. It then recedes and runs in the background when we return to our daily life of work, shopping, socializing, domestic maintenance, finances, and other physical tasks.

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Regulating the Outerbody Membrane

The developing energy body (also called the outerbody or bioplasm) is a semi-permeable, selective membrane. Unlike the cell membranes, which are regulated by an unconscious mechanism, the outerbody membranes are ultimately destined to be regulated consciously.

Below is a short clip about why it is important to learn conscious regulation of this membrane for those involved in self-development/healing/consciousness activities. We welcome your comments and questions below.


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The Evolution of the Human Energy System

The light body is being called forth into rapid development so that we can survive and thrive. Until recently, it has operated in more vague, basic patterns of energy and information, but it is now quickly blooming into a mature, complex system.

Below is a video clip about this evolutionary process and how it may be affecting your daily life:

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Light Body Activation: A Portal to Decentralized Spiritual Growth - Part III

This is Part III of a three part article on light body activation

Decentralized Spiritual Growth

The activation is in contrast with the traditional paradigm of the master/disciple, a paradigm that may have run its course as decentralized spiritual growth and independent truth verification emerge.

In reality a master is a teacher or guide that has a more developed understanding of a subject or technique than most. As personalities, they usually radiate higher frequencies which entrain the attention of the student or disciple to his or her teachings. The student/disciple develops over time in the relationship and environment that this creates.

History repeatedly shows the consequence of institutionalized spiritual teachings and the pain, suffering and repression it can cause.

History repeatedly shows the consequence of institutionalized spiritual teachings and the pain, suffering and repression it can cause.

It’s great if one has the opportunity to study with such a master with the understanding that the knowledge and training can help develop your skills and insight. At the same time, if we rigidly hold someone as master, ultimately we make ourself dependent (a slave) and limit our ability to discover and validate information/experience on our own. The teachings can reach a point of diminishing return as they turn into obligation and dogma. History repeatedly shows the consequence of institutionalized spiritual teachings and the pain, suffering and repression it can cause.

So we can learn from, and even emulate a teacher for some time. We can model and generate our ideas from their teachings, but eventually we must integrate the essence of a teaching and go on to respectfully think for ourselves.* We need to develop the ability to recognize what is useful, healthy and real based on our own direct experience.

During light body activation training, participants learn to activate part of the nervous system called the proprioceptive system. The proprioceptive system and the awareness/information it provides is the root of the ‘inner guide.’ It is an innate intelligence that works to bring us to alignment and homeostasis. It operates structurally, chemically, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually. 

When developing a proprioceptive awareness, we start to receive what was previously unnoticed information and begin to process it consciously. The conscious interface with the proprioceptive system creates a new intelligence in making decisions and choosing direction. When the proprioceptive information registers at the conscious level, it enables a more dynamic and synergistic response at all levels of the life system.

* This doesn’t mean we abandon, or invalidate the teacher or their teachings. We may incorporate a significant portion of the principles and practice into our own teaching or protocol. It is important to acknowledge the value of previous trainings and influences. You may also choose to work a whole life time in the framework of a teachers work, as long as you are clear about that choice.

Independent Truth Verification

Proprioceptive awareness plays an important role in recognizing what is true; physically, emotionally, and psychologically. It ultimately leads us to resonance with the soul and becomes a compass for what the soul wants to accomplish through its human surrogate.

Truth verification is an evaluation process that enables us to determine which activities and relationships are healthy, functional and empowering. It is the ability to confirm personal insights about a wide variety of topics, and validate external information coming from associates, teachers, books, doctrine, media, politics, research, etc. 

As we open to higher states of consciousness, the individual and group can merge and function as one. An individual can vacillate between the two states, embracing one without sacrificing the other. It is similar to the particle and wave, where there are seemingly two very different entities that are, in reality, the same thing at the same time. 

We can evaluate information coming to us from inside or outside using the proprioceptive intelligence, and verify that assessment by noticing different forms of confirmation that come to us over time. This includes: other individuals or groups, scientific research, journals, simultaneous discoveries in different parts of the world, events, and synchronicity.

In this process we become like a cell or node that interacts with other nodes until we confirm the accuracy and value of a technique, concept, idea or vision. We can confirm using our inner compass and verify through multiple sources as they register from within the collective.

Running in the Background

Once the discernment faculties of the light body become functional, it acts like a security application on a computer or cell phone. The light body application comes to the forefront of activity during higher frequency events such as journeying, meditation, healing work, etc. It then recedes and runs in the background when we return to our daily physical life of work, shopping, socializing, domestic maintenance, finances, etc.

The light body acts as a security application that runs in the background during daily activities.

The light body monitors incoming and outgoing information, acting as a discernment mechanism while a person continues daily life activities.

The light body monitors incoming and outgoing information, acting as a discernment mechanism while a person continues daily life activities.


The light body alerts us when there is a manipulation or disempowerment event taking place. It sets off an alarm when a negative agreement contract is being set up and enables us to hold our power and maintain integrity.

Transformation of Entertainment

Activation of the light body transforms the experience that we call entertainment.* This may include what we think of as normal forms, such as movies, concerts, books, theatre etc.,it also expands to previously unnoticed opportunities that give us more engaging, penetrating satisfaction. These are self generated energetic events that could include interfacing with nature forces like water, plants, insects, animals or other humans. It also refers to the experience of interacting with higher consciousness entities, cellular memory, or journeying with the light body vehicle through vibrational dimensions.

Consciousness entertainment is also experienced through the sensation of healing/regeneration via chakras, kundalini forces, and going beyond the mental membrane where we connect to the soul frequencies. Elevated, sublime experiences also occur when the sexual energy is intentionally synthesized with the higher energy centers of the body. It transforms the orgasm into an energetic euphoria that takes place when the soul frequencies penetrate the bio-plasmic body into the core layer of the crown chakra. 

Whereas normal entertainment usually places us as an observer to events, performance, and stories, consciousness playground entertainment places us as the central creator, director and participant. Merging or interfacing at the bio-plasmic level with the environment, people, and entities produces an altered atmosphere of stimulation and, sensory/information exchange. It begins to replace previous stimulation producing or desire satisfying activities with dynamic enlightening experiences. 

While many forms of entertainment drain energy and resources, consciousness entertainment creates energy, is productive, and promotes regeneration.

* Entertainment: 1. The action of providing or being provided with amusement, enjoyment, or play.   2. An event, performance, or activity designed to entertain others.

Light Body Activation Training 


A light body activation training provides practical skills and clear devices for regulating the components of the evolving human energy system. It is a guided, step-by-step progression that enables one to process and integrate the transforming perceptions of mind, body and nature. It opens new frontiers in education, relationship dynamics and real time, real life entertainment experiences. 

During the training, participants develop reliable tools for seeing, adjusting, and utilizing chakras, kundalini channels, bio-plasmic membranes and the cranial rhythm. The training reorients and stabilizes homeostasis.

Light Body Activation Part I is being held on June 8-9, 2019 in Pipersville, PA. All are welcome to attend in-person or via livestream video.

For information about the upcoming class Light Body Activation I, please click the link below. You can attend this course in-person or via livestream video. Anyone is welcome to attend-

Light Body Activation: A Portal to Decentralized Spiritual Growth - Part II

This is Part II of a three part article on light body activation

The Construction of the Light Body

The light body begins its gestation as a more simple organized energy field which functions as a bio-plasmic membrane or outerbody. In its earlier stages of development, the light body might be referred to as the outerbody, aura, bioplasmic body or consciousness field. It is a membrane that has the core qualities of the cellular membrane: semi-permeability and selective permeability.

Evolution of the membrane principle translates into the outerbody. It carries out its functions, however, in relationship to vibrations and frequencies. Unlike the cell membranes, which are regulated by an unconscious mechanism, the outerbody membranes are ultimately destined to be regulated consciously, particularly in regards to information, emotions, psychological input, and interactions with high frequency vibrations (spiritual influences).

Evolution of the membrane principle translates into the skin and the outerbody. The same functions are repeated in a more sophisticated way at each stage. The outerbody membranes can be regulated with consciousness.

Evolution of the membrane principle translates into the skin and the outerbody. The same functions are repeated in a more sophisticated way at each stage. The outerbody membranes can be regulated with consciousness.


Layers of the Light Body

The light body has many layers and components that interact to produce paradigm shifting influences on the body/mind and life system. Let’s begin with describing the following layers of the light body.

Layers of the Outerbody

Layers of the Outerbody

  1. Etheric layer: The etheric layer is a protective immune related layer close to the physical body. It extends 2-3” out from the skin surface. It is an energetic envelope that maintains physical integrity and modifies incoming frequencies if they are disruptive to homeostasis.

  2. Emotional layer: The emotional layer extends out 1/2 - 3’ from the body, depending on the activity of the person. It has a magnetic quality and is sometimes referred to as the astral body.

  3. Mental Layer: The mental layer projects out to 6’ from the physical body and has a radiatory quality. There is a vibrational membrane/skin at its periphery that contains the “personality self” and protects the evolving human from frequencies that are too intense for integration. It is like a bioplasmic or energetic placenta. During the awakening or spiritual birth, this membrane gradually becomes more permeable, allowing soul based frequencies to enter the system, which then produces involutionary events.

While all of the outerbody layers extend out from the physical body, it is lesser known that they penetrate deeply into the body, down to the cellular/molecular level.

The measurements given for each layer from the physical body are linear guidelines. In reality, as we go out into each layer, the frequencies expand, changing the meaning of distance, space and time. Each layer, as it registers in the awareness, becomes a dimension of activity for the vibrational being; this is similar to the way the earth’s atmosphere accommodates the physical body.

As in every phase of evolution, the system that is accelerating in its development emerges to accommodate life in an expanded, higher dimension. Ex.: water life of ancient ocean, air life when land emerged from the ancient ocean, vibrational life: a non physical consciousness plane.

Components of the Light Body


Chakras are energy vortexes that distribute life force, or chi, to the physical body while influencing the emotions, consciousness and capabilities of a person. They provide information to the system that ranges from practical to abstract, scientific to metaphysical. In a more advanced state, chakras are the propulsion faculties of the light body vehicle.

There are 7 main chakras, which are located in the etheric body and anchored in the physical body.

There are 7 main chakras, which are located in the etheric body and anchored in the physical body.



The kundalini serve as the DNA of the evolving energy matrix and act as nuclear fuel rods for the mature light body process.

The kundalini serve as the DNA of the evolving energy matrix and act as nuclear fuel rods for the mature light body process.

The kundalini are two energy channels that weave in a double helix, vertically through the body. They serve as the DNA of the evolving energy matrix and act as nuclear fuel rods for the mature light body process. At an accelerated frequency due to synergistic activity within the system these channels give birth to a high frequency energy channel called the sushumna. The sushumna further accelerates the development of the extraordinary senses.


The Extraordinary Senses

The extraordinary senses are a continuation in the evolution of our senses. Whereas the physical senses enable discernment of sight, sound, texture and taste and smell, the emerging extraordinary senses detect similar phenomenon above and below the normal frequency range of physical sensory perception. The extraordinary senses are:

  • Vibrational sight or clairvoyance: Clairvoyance is the capacity to see the energy body, chakras, and kundalini. It give access to cellular memory, both past and future, and to the reading of the akashic records. It gives the ability to perceive unfolding vibrational impressions and understand how they might manifest into future events.

  • Clairsentience: Clairsentience is the ability to feel without physically touching. It gives the possibility for distance healing and is connected to the development of human sonar.

  • Clairaudience: Clairaudience is the ability to hear sub and supra audio tones. It can be called the third ear. As this sense develops, doctors and therapists will approach healing based on the harmonic relationships of the physical and biplasmic bodies.

  • Clairodorance: Clairodorance is perceiving smells above and below the normal frequency range. It is also the ability to pick up odorous qualities that are part of incoming psychic or telepathic information.

  • Discernment: Discernment is the higher sense of taste. Utilizing proprioceptive information along with intuitive impressions, it enables quality evaluation of frequencies entering our biplasm sphere. This includes information, ideas, communications, and psychic/telepathic input. It is the root of independent truth verification.

  • Telepathy & Sonar: Continuing the evolution of our communication faculties, this sense allows us to broadcast/receive nonlinear, multisensory images and impressions. When the outerbody reaches expanded levels of permeability it produces a non resistant corridor for sonar and telepathic transmissions.

The Cranial System

The human cranium is composed of 28 different bones, almost all of which are joined together by sutures (except the mandible, or jaw bone). Sutures are rigid articulations that permit small amounts of movement. The articulations of each suture can become more or less mobile depending on different stress forces in the body and the cranium.

Although the movements between the bones of the cranium are small compared to the gross movements that are obvious in many of our other joints (such as the shoulder or knee joint), they provide important functions for the whole system, both physically and energetically. Cranial motion can be amplified and balanced through bodywork touch therapies, such as shiatsu shin tai or craniosacral therapy, and also through consciousness. Releasing restrictions in the cranial system enables the recovery of trapped and unavailable life force for greater physical, emotional, and mental health.

The activation of the cranial system also enables the development of human telepathy and sonar. Most of us do not think of our skulls as radio stations, but they function in a similar way. However most of our stations are broadcasting unclear and fragmented information due to the lack of cranial mobility, and lack of conscious awareness about the process. By expanding the bioplasmic outerbody and consciously activating increased cranial motion, people can transmit and receive information more effectively and accurately.

At its root, the cranial system is physiological. As the more primitive outerbody develops into the mature light body, the cranial rhythm pulses at a greater amplitude, which facilitates the function of human sonar. The wider range of movement in the cranial system produces broadcast waves and creates space for the next version of the brain to organize. This could be called the abstract brain, which is a nonphysical energy configuration that extends from the frontal brain and appears outside the cranium.

The Evolved Cell

The mature light body takes on the configuratiions of a cell.

The mature light body takes on the configuratiions of a cell.

As the light body matures, it takes on the configuration of a cell: the physical body becomes the nucleus and the outer body appears as vibrational cytoplasm. It is an evolved cell with many of the primitive cellular functions now being regulated consciously, while also enabling movement in non physical dimensions.


The Challenges of Light Body Activation 

As the new light body operating system comes online, its paradigm shifting effect on the consciousness challenges our existing physiology, chemistry and emotional/mental homeostasis. It challenges our sense of who we are and what’s important. It challenges our values, choices of activity, life style, and goals. It can disrupt beliefs and cause us to question our fundamental definitions of health, happiness, truth and love. It can alter our food attractions and dietary needs. The accelerated frequencies of the light body moving though the physical/vibrational bodies can cause friction and difficulties in relationships, work interests, and time management.

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Light Body Activation: A Portal to Decentralized Spiritual Growth

This is Part I of a three part article on light body activation

Light Body Activation: A Portal to Decentralized Spiritual Growth

Light body activation is a process of noticing that there is a well-defined energy matrix extending out from our physical body. It occurs as the presence of this matrix registers within the consciousness. The realization jolts the mind/ body and triggers an acceleration of the matrix components, activities and capabilities.

Light body activation opens a port of entry to a library of information and multiple dimensions of experience. As we hone the use of the light body faculties, access is gained to an endless stream of discovery, education and quality consciousness entertainment. Awakening to the presence of one’s light body vigorously enhances personal growth, relationship dynamics, and the understanding of one’s true nature. It begins to clarify why you are here in this life, and unfolds a roadmap of what you are meant to do accordingly.

Activation provides a vehicle for healing, regeneration, and altered dimensions of experience. It offers a consciousness playground of metaphysical discovery, decentralized spiritual growth and independent truth verification capabilities. Activation raises the veil placed on our soul origin by conditioning and beliefs and; this enables a tremendous release of life stress.

The activation process also reveals a profound insight: the energy body (bio-plasm) is a semi-permeable, selective membrane. It can be regulated according to the needs and objectives of an awakening individual.


What is the Light Body?

“The light body is the operating system of the next phase in human evolution. It exerts paradigm shifting influences on our perceptions, values, and experience.”

The light body is an energy matrix evolving from the human physiology, particularly the nervous system. It is a physio-energetic system that is currently accelerating in development due to various influences, such as the force of evolution, involution* and digital wireless technology.

The light body is composed of several layers and components which are changing at a logarithmic pace. It is similar to when the neuronet of the brain suddenly expanded two million years ago during what is called “the quantum leap.” The process is a continuation of what began as a single cell within the earth’s ancient ocean and transformed over billions of years into a multicellular consciousness being.

Development of the systems in evolution; the outerbody is now in a phase of rapid development.

Development of the systems in evolution; the outerbody is now in a phase of rapid development.


The synergy of the matrix components gradually provides expanded capabilities to the individual and realizations to group, societal interaction. The system is becoming more sophisticated in order to accommodate our consciousness vehicle as it begins to function in a multidimensional arena. This includes the physical plane, the consciousness plane and dimensions where the perception of linear time gives way to a non-time continuum.

Development of the Light Body

During the development of a fetus, we see that in the first phases the body systems are like imprints or shadows within the fetal membrane. At certain stages, there is an acceleration of growth and more of each system manifests. Finally, each system blooms into full maturity and complexity, forming an intricate network throughout the body.

This sequence of system development and complexification is similar to the development of a plant’s root system. First, the roots develop silently underground for a period of time with very little evidence of growth above ground. Then, suddenly, growth above ground will accelerate as the plant uses the nutritive sources that the now expanded roots are able to absorb.Each system helps create the conditions for another system to come into being.

Biological systems themselves develop in the same way, originally through different species, during millions of years of evolution. The digestive, circulatory, respiratory, and nervous systems all went through a process of manifestation as living beings became in need of their functions. The environment itself can be a major stimulant in this continual, albeit sporadic, outgrowth of biological creativity.

During this phase of ‘time’ (if we agree for now to explore our existence within the somewhat contrived confines of linear chronology), the light body is being called forth into rapid development and complexification so that we can survive and thrive. The development of this bioplasmic energy body is following the same path as other systems of the body.

Until recently, the light body has operated in more vague, basic patterns of energy and information. It is now quickly blooming into a mature, complex system. The development of functions in this vibrational field are presently accelerating in many people, and these functions are becoming more specific and well-defined.

* Influences of higher consciousness and celestial forces entering and synthesizing with current levels of perception, awareness and understanding.

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Learning Shiatsu via Video & Livestream

Recently we received an email from a shiatsu practitioner in Croatia about an online video class:

I have been disappointed that you have not visited Croatia for long time, as I was always inspired by your lectures. As a compensation for not being able to be part of your classes, I have decided to order this video material, and it was not a mistake. I would like to thank you for knowledge which you have been sharing with all of us; it is beyond magnificent to be part of this story.
— Drazen Matosic, Shiatsu Practitioner, Split, Croatia

Another long-time shin tai instructor, Celeste Rixey, was recently telling us how much she enjoyed taking the Light Body Activation course (in November 2018) with us via livestream. She was so surprised at how involved and connected she felt even though she was not present in-person. She had been quite resistant to the idea of participating livestream but it was the only way she could 'be' there and it ended up being a wonderful experience for her. We also really loved having 25+ people take part in this way from 7 different countries. Of course, none of it could have happened without the core group of in-person participants holding the space!

These are reminders to us of the value of using these ways to learn. We are willing and excited to expand into new ways to share bodywork and stay connected with you. That is why we are offering more opportunities this year to participate in classes via livestream video. Rather than saying no to those of you who kept asking, we have decided to say yes :) So instead of helping to teach this year, Lynn will be the full-time camera woman while I do all the instructing. We realize that video instruction is not a replacement for in-person training, but it is a wonderful opportunity to develop and deepen your skills. 


So maybe you have been wanting to take the Neck Alignment class but can't get to the states, or want to review Central Channel, or want to add shin tai to your practice with Governing Vessel or Conception Vessel classes.... you now have the option to try out 'coming to class' via your phone or computer. I feel that the Light Body Activation classes are especially effective to attend via livestream. We welcome you to attend on your own or gather a small group to take a class together. Please click here to see to our schedule for upcoming classes.

Shiatsu Techniques of the Masters

Shiatsu Techniques of the Masters

FREE Video Course: 

Techniques of the Masters - The Back

This is an opportunity to try out our online classroom for free to expand your bodywork skills and your practice. The first section of the instructional video course Shiatsu Techniques of the Masters is now free of charge. Through a series of instructional videos, learn a sequence of traditional shiatsu techniques for working with the back. To enroll, please click on the link below:

To read more about the topic of learning shiatsu through video, please go to this past blog post: Learning Shiatsu via Video - Is it effective?

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Working with clients who have Multiple Sclerosis

This article is in response to the following question from a shiatsu/shin tai practitioner about Multiple Sclerosis:

“I have a potential client who has suffered from Multiple Sclerosis for 15 years and would welcome any advice on treatments. Also, is there a possibility of reversing it?”

When working with someone who has Multiple Sclerosis, it is very important to proceed with special care during treatments. Work with less pressure than usual and for a shorter amount of time in order to not create too much change. Clearing some of the compression and restriction in the body to enhance the flow of life force in a gradual way is the best way to proceed. One reason for this is that when someone has MS, their membranes and energy system tend to be very porous, and the system tends to leak energy. If things begin to accelerate (breathing, meridians, chakras, movement, etc.), this can exacerbate the draining of life force.


Therefore go slowly and not too deeply and do more integrative, strengthening work. This will be more effective than initiating deep change, like what occurs with extensive Central Channel work and deep hara treatment. If symptoms become worse after a session, do even less.

Dietary considerations are also quite important. It can be helpful to consult a holistic nutritionist or macrobiotic counselor.

It is best not to try and 'cure' or 'reverse' anything while doing treatments with any client. Instead, focus on facilitating a more balanced flow of energy in the body during the time you are working with them. The ‘healing’ of the situation comes from helping to restore their own inner healing power. This comes through dietary changes, treatment and their own will to go deeper into the meaning of the imbalance.

To read more about how to proceed in treatments with someone who has a serious illness, please click on the blog post below:

How to Work with People Who Have a Serious Illness

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Is the Central Channel the same as the Chong Mai?

Question from a practitioner:

What is the difference between the Central Channel and the Chong Mai? I have heard someone say that they are completely different things and someone else say that they are the same thing. I’m confused.

The Chong Mai and Central Channel that Saul Goodman refers to are different things. There are several extraordinary vessels of energy circulation described in Chinese medicine of which the Chong Mai is one. Central channel is a term used in many different systems and refers to the central path of energy through the body.

Saul describes the central channel as a circuit of life force that moves along the pathway of the spinal cord. It directly affects the functioning of the meninges, the spine, the central nervous system, the Governing Vessel meridian (the Du Mai), the chakras, and the craniosacral fluid. So the central channel is different from the Chong Mai, even though some of the extraordinary vessels are within the central channel and central channel work will affect them. 

shin tai central channel treatment

shin tai central channel treatment

A component of Shin Tai work is specifically called Central Channel work. Practitioners identify and release patterns of stress along the central channel of the body using non-force contacts that release restriction in the meninges. Release of meningal stress patterns helps to improve a myriad of physical problems along with increasing emotional, mental and spiritual health.  As the Central Channel opens, all of the components along its pathway begin to function in a more synthesized way.

To really understand and work with the shin tai central channel material a practitioner needs to experience it in her/himself as well as work with it in others. Receiving central channel treatments facilitates a direct engagement with the central channel and how it affects the body/mind/spirit. Explanations and information about it, like what is presented in this article, can only approximate the truth of what the central channel is.

Don’t worry so much about specific definitions, and try not to take too much energy attempting to make other systems and interpretations make sense with each other. Directly experiencing the different parts of your own system and those with whom you work is really the only way to understand it in the way that you are wanting.

We welcome your feedback below. Please click the links below for more information about upcoming classes, including Central Channel:

Ginger Compress: a wonderful home remedy

What you will need to do a ginger compress

What you will need to do a ginger compress

A ginger compress is a natural, effective and relatively simple home remedy. Someone can give themself a ginger compress, but we recommend getting a friend or family member to do it with you. It works great to have each person give a compress to the other, one after the other. Try having a ginger compress evening with your family or some friends - it is a wonderful way to spend some time together while strengthening your bodies. You can also offer ginger compresses to your clients instead of (or in addition to) a treatment.

Ginger compress on the hara (abdomen) enables better absorption by the small intestine, and improved elimination by the large intestine. It helps to eliminate trapped, stagnating materials from the digestive tract, improving circulation and energy flow throughout the body. A ginger compress applied on the kidney area (the lower back) increases overall vitality and improves the quality of the blood. You can then do a compress on the sacrum as well for an extra special treatment, especially during the cold winter months!

Since winter is kidney time, it is a particularly effective time to do a ginger compress on the kidney and sacral area of the back. This stimulates circulation deep in the body and helps you feel more warm and full of vitality, even in very cold, blustery weather.

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Preventing the Holiday/Winter Blues with Shin Tai

Happy Holidays?


The holidays and winter are here. Let’s celebrate! It’s a time of great opportunity, enjoyment and fun. In addition, it is a time that we can experience deep healing and spiritual growth.As we know the holiday season can also be challenging. For many it can end up in disappointment, anxiety and unfulfilled expectations. The holidays can wreak havoc on our physical, emotional and mental well being.

Staying joyful and peaceful during this time of year means keeping our attention in the present. It means enjoying who we are with, and being grateful for the things we have. It is wishing health and happiness to those that we can’t be with due to the holiday family shuffle. There is the need to make choices, sometimes difficult, about where to go and what to do.

The past is seldom as we would have it. The future yet unknown. Embrace the present.... and strike all else from concern.
— Spartacus, speaking to a warrior preparing for battle

Winter Energy

Winter energy is deep and inward. Energetically, it is a time best suited for quiet and calm. It’s a good time to review and reflect in order to set priorities and clarify our vision of the life we are creating. Ironically this is the time of year that we are pushed to be more outgoing and social. We often feel obligated to engage in emotionally charged activities that are much more appropriate for spring and summer, when energy is moving in a similar out-going direction.

How do people shift the direction of their energy in order to participate in the mandatory celebrations? They use alcohol, sugar, caffeine and drugs which activate the outward excited energy flows. The cost of this is high: it is an unnatural assault on our body cycles and disruptive to the regenerative patterns of our organs. To compound these effects, alcohol and drugs are also used to numb down the pain of holiday stress and disappointment. In addition to these substances, people tend to overeat foods and drink that are not appropriate for cold weather and actually decrease the body’s capacity to handle winter temperatures. These choices can leave a person’s immune system weak and their emotions unstable.

While we can’t change this upside down social pattern overnight, following are a few things you can do to avoid the holiday-winter blues.

Food Suggestions

Of course, natural foods are always the best for our system. In winter there are a few additions that can be particularly helpful. Burdock and other root vegetables like rutabaga keep the body warm. Cooked as a stew with kombu will help generate heat in the body and enable us to enjoy outside winter activities. Wild burdock is best, but commercial burdock will do.


Buckwheat is a grain often used in cold climates. Eastern Europeans use it as a staple and understand traditionally that it is a winter food. I liked the buckwheat dishes my mother (who was of Ukrainian descent) cooked when I was growing up; I remember her saying “it’s a winter food.”

Use rice syrup or stevia concentrate to satisfy sweet cravings. Stevia not only helps reduce attraction to sweets, it helps to regenerate pancreatic cells (which regulate blood sugar). This can help balance out the effects of the many sweets that are often consumed at this time of year.

Clothing Tips

Winter is the time of the kidneys and kidney regeneration. This is the organ that gives us vitality and incentive. The kidneys keep our blood clean and help us create heat by metabolizing proteins. Ironically, the kidneys are weakened and stressed by alcohol, caffeine and sugar. Weak kidneys make us fatigued and feeble. When they are not strong, we lack drive for engaging in life’s challenges. Weak kidneys also make us feel chilly and cold.

Wear a hara warmer, which wraps around the abdomen and covers the kidney area in the back. This is a common winter accessory in many parts of the world. This will protect your kidneys and keep you much warmer in cold weather. You can wrap a scarf around your waist/hips to function in a similar way. When it’s particularly frigid wear a fur lined Russian hat. They really keep you warm in freezing weather.


I need a buckwheat pancake….

I need a buckwheat pancake….

If you drink too much, eat a plain buckwheat pancake before going to sleep. The buckwheat will soak up the excess liquid and alkalize your body. The next morning…… no hangover + clear head!* Try it. Use only buckwheat flour, salt and water to make the pancake batter. Also, prepare it ahead. You might not feel like mixing this stuff up if you come in late and loaded.

You can also wash off a small piece of kombu seaweed and eat it raw before going to bed. Make sure you chew it very well. This will help you to feel clear in the morning, no matter how you felt the night before.

* tested in numerous real life situations

Shin Tai Treatments

Bodywork before, during and after the holidays keeps us in the present and operating on real-time information. It keeps us resilient and flexible even when the stress and pressure of the holidays shows up.

Shin tai treatments release stress patterns in the body that are activated by family dynamics and social pressure. They enable us to move through the upset-ness of others and transform negativity into useful energy, renewal and mindfulness. By freeing our perception from being populated with past time information, shin tai can keep our consciousness in the present and out of the grip of guilt, regret, and hurtful past experiences.

I will be giving treatments in the mornings and late afternoons over the next two months. If you need a session give me a call at (267) 372-1644. Lynn is also available at (267) 347-2290.

Happy Holidays everyone and best wishes, Saul

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Getting in Touch with Your Inner Guide: Proprioceptive Exercise

Proprioceptive Exercise gives you a direct line to cultivate the essential, yet often times elusive, connection with your inner guidance system.

— Saul Goodman

Proprioceptive exercise gives you a direct line to cultivate the essential, yet often times elusive connection with your inner guidance system. It also promotes the release of restriction and stress in the body, allowing a natural state of vibrant well-being to become dominant. This increases the potential for each moment to be a healthy, fulfilling, joyful experience. We have all heard the expression ‘Be in the now.’ This is a process that literally brings the physical and vibrational aspects of you more into alignment with present time.

The proprioceptive system is a part of the nervous system that monitors alignment. Proprioceptive exercise activates the proprioceptive system and expands proprioceptive awareness. It is the physiological mechanism behind your Inner Guidance  System. Much of this work is quite slow and quiet – the exercises are more internal than external. They are gentle and can be done by anyone regardless of condition or flexibility.

Our Evolving Physiology


Our human physiology is always evolving; it is a manifestation that is in a process of progressive development. The component of our physiology that is in the most rapid phase of transformation is our energy system, or vibrational body. This evolution is preparing us to experience new dimensions of activity and consciousness, and it has strong effects on our physical, emotional and mental health. If you are interested in this topic, your body is well on its way in this evolutionary process. Even reading about it will further stimulate the evolution of your system.

Proprioceptive exercise and the accompanying light body activation processes stimulate this evolution. The accelerating activities of the energy body (also called the bioplasmic body, the outerbody or the aura) impact body chemistry, organ function, structural alignment, emotional balance and mental clarity. Consciousness itself shifts according to the condition of this bioplasmic energy system (and vice versa).

Why do these changes have such a strong effect on our experience? As the energy system becomes more sophisticated, there is literally more current moving through the body. This creates more friction against areas of restriction and misalignment, whether they are physical, emotional or mental. Pressure builds up against misaligned vertebra, tight tissues, dis-eased organs, emotional wounds, rigid beliefs…. restriction at any level of the body/emotion/mind construct will be challenged as energy flow increases through the system. Learning tools to work with this part of ourselves is a vital to maintaining balance and strength in our daily lives. This is why there is such an explosion of interest in mindfulness, meditation, yoga, healthful eating, etc. People are creating new ways to stay healthy and strong amidst rapid changes both external and internal.

Proprioceptive Exercise & Light Body Activation

The proprioceptive exercise and light body activation material has been developed by Saul Goodman throughout the last 25+ years. It provides tools for people to sensitize, expand and regulate the bioplasmic body in order to enhance the quality of their life experience. The processes detail safe, replicable mechanisms that expand frequency and perception. This opens the door to work consciously with vibrational components of ourselves. It is one thing to conceptualize the meridians, chakras, auric layers, etc. and quite another to be able to actually experience them directly.

Class discussion on development of the bioplasmic energy system

Class discussion on development of the bioplasmic energy system


Proprioceptive exercise is a meditative type of unique movement and focus that activates the proprioceptive system, which is part of the nervous system that governs alignment. The proprioceptive system is a person's own inner guidance system, similar to GPS. Restrictions in a person’s body can hamper proper information flow in the proprioception, leading to directions that are distorted and erroneous. This type of exercise expands the bioplasmic body and brings a person into direct contact with this part of their physiology so that they can work with it in a deliberate way.

As the bioplasmic body complexifies into a coordinated system of accelerating components it becomes the developing light body. During light body activation courses, participants work with the etheric, emotional/astral, and mental bodies along with their relationship with the physical form, chakras, kundalini channels and other vibrational components of the developing energy system. The focus in this work is on preparing the body for safe and fulfilling explorations. Participants experience a relaxed, integrated expansion so that there can be smooth integration between the physical and bioplasmic body.

So we use the tool of proprioceptive exercise to prepare the body and perceptions so that a person actually feels their energy body and can interface with it directly. Often, people have concepts of the energy system and ideas of how it functions but do not necessarily feel it. This work is designed to expand the frequencies of the body so that new perceptual capabilities create a visceral, sensory experience of the vibrational (and physical) parts of your body.

Proprioceptive exercise can be used by anyone for strength, flexibility, energy, emotional balance, and mental clarity. It can be combined with any other self-development practice such as yoga or meditation. It can be used to deepen all creative activities like art, music, cooking and dance. It is a tool that to enhance any experience. If you are interested in learning proprioceptive exercise, there is a 2-day course in Pipersville, PA on 8-9 June 2019. Please click here for more details or see below.

How Does Proprioceptive Exercise Relate to Bodywork?

This type of exercise is a regular part of the shin tai bodywork classes for two main reasons: 1. to release restrictions and promote alignment for personal health and 2. to be able to perceive subtle energies while treating so that practitioners can facilitate sessions with more effectiveness. Practitioners are encouraged to teach their regular clients some of the proprioceptive work in order to have them participate more actively in their treatment process.

Light Body Activation I: Proprioceptive Exercise & the Cranial Bones

If you can not attend in person, there is now an option to participate in this class via livestream video. Please click the ‘Learn More’ button below for details.

This weekend class is a two-day immersion into a unique type of meditative movement that expands perception and increases alignment. Anyone who is interested in self-development and healing can benefit from this course. These exercises are used in the shin tai classes to help practitioners feel and work with energy, as well as create new alignments physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Anyone interested is welcome to participate.

The proprioceptive system is a part of the nervous system that monitors physical, emotional, and spiritual alignment. It is the physiological mechanism behind your Inner Guidance  System. You will learn unique techniques to activate proprioceptive awareness, and how to utilize the valuable information it offers. Much of this work is quite slow and quiet – the exercises are more internal than external.  These exercises are gentle and can be done by anyone regardless of condition or flexibility.

Proprioceptive exercise has many benefits, including:

  • stress release and relaxation

  • increased energy

  • greater physical strength

  • enhanced flexibility

  • develop extraordinary senses like clairvoyance and telepathy

  • reliably initiate connection to your higher self

  • enhance spiritual alignment and life direction

For more information in this upcoming workshop, please click the link below:

* For those who have experience with proprioceptive work, this workshop still offers the benefits of the practice even if you are familiar with the basic techniques. Every proprioceptive journey unfolds differently according to the group. Also, new variations are constantly developing that offer new possibilities for participants.

Dealing with Diagnosis: What to do when you don't know what to do

Last year we sent out a survey about your bodywork studies & practice. It included a question asking what your biggest questions & challenges were with shiatsu. Over the next few months, we will be sharing our responses to many of your questions. Below is our response to one of the most common questions we were asked:

Question - I often get overwhelmed with diagnosis. There are so many things to consider and so many methods of diagnosis (kyo/jitsu, pulse, meridian, face, tongue, voice, structure, motion, etc.) that often I just shut down and can't figure out what to do. How do I find the most important thing to work on at each moment in a treatment? 

Response - The word diagnosis itself can be a trap. A broader way to think about it is being responsive to the receiver. Watch, listen and let yourself respond naturally to what you notice. You simply have to listen, receive and respond. What comes to you, no matter how basic, has value.

Let yourself focus on what you do notice, instead of what you don't. Don't force diagnosis, don't go chasing after information. If you find yourself struggling, go more simple and more general. This applies to both diagnosis and technique.

Use Primitive Diagnosis for a Primitive System

If you have studied shin tai work, remember that the 'diagnosis' for the central channel and Governing Vessel/Conception Vessel is more primitive because they are a more primitive level of energy in the body. We use motion as the main diagnosis for this part of the system. That might sound boring or unimportant or not very 'professional' compared to finding constrained liver chi or a racing SP pulse, but motion can give potent information regarding the condition of life force and how to enhance it. 


Beginning a treatment by addressing this primal part of the energy system (GV/CV) will naturally have you beginning with observation of motion. If and when the treatment moves into working with more specialized aspects of the energy system, like the 5 elements or 12 meridians, you can apply the more specialized types of diagnosis that you know for guidance. Notice what you are drawn to and what comes to you rather than looking to figure out every possible type of diagnosis. For example, you may find yourself becoming very aware of a client's hip structure partway through a session. If your attention is drawn there repeatedly and then you notice that motion is quite restricted through one side of the pelvis/sacrum, you might decide to do a structural evaluation and go through the structural adjustments. Another example could be that you find a client's voice particularly distinctive and all the sudden it comes to you that their cadence is very sing-songy.... this indicates imbalance in earth energy (ST/SP). But if a type of diagnosis is not coming to you with relative ease, it is not necessary to chase after it. 

Clear Perception Requires a Clear Condition

Being able to perceive a client’s condition requires that your system is clear and balanced. The best way to set yourself up for clarity of perception during a treatment is to prepare ahead of time. It is optimal to be rested, clear, aligned and relaxed. Good quality sleep, food, self-development practices, and treatments for yourself are key factors. When you are in balance and full of vitality, your physical body is clear, your information system is giving accurate feedback, and you are in alignment with the higher vibrational aspects of your being. This enables the flow of accurate diagnosis regarding the person you are working with and how to best facilitate freedom in their system. 

In your everyday life it may not always be possible to be in optimal shape for every treatment. In that case, make sure to do at least a few minutes or even moments of relaxation, meditation, proprioceptive exercise or conscious breathing before beginning a session. Getting more aligned is a part of the treatment process; it is ok to sometimes do that at the beginning or even during a session. Otherwise you will be floundering around, kind of faking it and not really making headway in introducing more flow of life force.   

Receive Information, Don’t Look for Information

If you find yourself struggling to figure out what to do during a treatment and what level of diagnosis to focus on, the best thing to do is take a few deep, quiet breaths, relax a little more and go into listening mode. Often when a practitioner is struggling they begin to look harder for things to see/diagnosis/understand - they thrust their energy outward, searching for information. This is a natural response. However, it is more helpful at that moment to actually soften and go into a more listening and receptive mode. You want to receive information, not look for information. Let yourself relax in the unknowing for a little bit without freaking out that you don't know what to do and you have to find something. You can do something general while you are in this process, like palming down the back, a fascia release or gathering in the hara.

While you are relaxing into this listening mode, notice where your attention goes in the receiver's body. Let yourself receive what their body is communicating. There is no need to label what is 'wrong' and figure out everything that is not working well. There is only a need to listen, notice and respond in a way that enhances the flow of life force. Maybe you don’t know which meridians in the legs are kyo or jitsu but you do notice the legs look very still and empty. Do some stretches, apply pressure to stimulate chi, rock and press on the sacrum. Simple, basic techniques executed with sincere intention will have a therapeutic healing effect. If you can keep this in mind it will be easier to relax and offer touch that is truly supportive to a receiver's well-being. It may be that you naturally move into some more specialized methods of diagnosis & technique during a treatment, but this is not always the case, especially when you are doing shin tai work. 

A note of caution: Sometimes when a practitioner is struggling to find a direction during a treatment, they initiate conversation with the receiver. Sometimes this is a way to open a door to some helpful information and can lead the treatment into productive bodywork, but often it derails the session into an experience that will not initiate much change. Of course, every treatment does not need to be transformative to have value; some very powerful sessions are more integrative and soothing. But be aware of the tendency to engage in verbal dialogue when you are not sure what else to do. This serves to perpetuate the receiver's story rather than move beyond it, and prevents moving into deeper levels of experience that have inestimable value to both of you.

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Hidden Effects of the Global Energy Matrix

"What is true.... is that we are all connected.... we are all wired now." Barack Obama

The Global Energy Matrix

We are living in a world where evolving communication networks create increasing global connection. These networks interface with our bodies, creating a convergence of technology and biology, and we are being influenced in new, often times insidious ways. Our body chemistry, moods and thinking are being affected and it is often having a negative impact on our health, happiness and spiritual well being.

Digital communication systems and media are now at the core of planetary activity on all levels. These systems produce wireless frequencies that transmit everything from written information to detailed, high resolution images. These frequencies form a digital matrix streaming through the atmosphere and around the globe in real time. Wireless frequencies create a barrage of highly charged, friction producing waves that move from source to device, as well as device to device, while penetrating and circulating through our organic human organization. This includes our cells nervous system, circulatory system, glandular system, and meridian/chakra system.*

Images, headlines, key-phrases and product branding generate and populate all levels of the now social media lifeline that acts like a bloodstream within the mass global psyche. Humans whether in possession of devices or not are constantly receiving and conducting the subliminal energetic stream of events, opinions and projections through their own information system. It deeply affects chemical, emotional, psychological homeostasis, and produces numerous symptoms that may be a new classification of health maladies.

Bottom line: Our friction based, digital information system can be destructive to all organic life forms. In the case of humans, it deteriorates physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual stability.


The Biology-Technology Convergence

There are two main reasons why biology and technology are progressively interfacing and synthesizing. The first reason for this interface is that our nervous system has a digital information component that operates in similar fashion to digital technology. The second reason for the interface is that our bodies also have a non-physical or 'wireless' component that is developing rapidly and functions much like our wireless technologies. The fact that our biological systems have these similarities to our communications technologies creates a situation where the systems can interface and interact.

1. The Digital Component

The brain/nervous system has a digital information component. It absorbs and processes digital information and interacts with software programing. Once a program is learned and used regularly, the system departs from conscious thinking speed and starts to interact with the program at a subliminal computer speed.

Digital organization and eye-brain coordination: Image and program storage

Consider what is happening when we watch television. We are looking at a screen that projects a non-stop stream of changing images. In reality what we are seeing are millions of colored dots, rearranging themselves in milli- seconds. The eye (retina) receives the digital information and our brain interprets the images.

Video games have even more impact to our to the digital aspect of our system because of their interactive nature. Games are composed with layers of challenge and response that increase in difficulty as one goes deeper into the game program. Playing overtime, the mind/nervous system interface with the program and the player begins to react much faster than they would with deliberate thought. The player is now 'in' the program. If you close your eyes immediately after playing a video game you will continue to see the game characters moving through your mind field in full color showing that we have internalized the digital information and programming.


2. The Wireless Component


The body-mind has a non-physical or wireless energy/information system which is becoming more sophisticated. This is a system that has long been identified in Chinese acupuncture and in Ayurvedic medicine. It circulates within the physical body and extends up to five feet beyond the skin border.

The human wireless apparatus** is responsible for how we interact with nature, animals and other humans on instinctive, emotional and mental planes. It can be penetrated by, or even align with (entrainment***) various digital frequencies such as those broadcast from cell towers, digital media, and wireless devices. Our wireless apparatus picks up the information transmitted by these systems on an unconscious or subconscious level, as we are now swimming in a sea of high frequency digital energy.

The influence of interaction between digital wireless technology and the the human wireless system is determined by the quality of the information and images being transmitted and received. Although there is some positive uplifting content in the 'global feed,' the majority of the information circulating in the ever increasing volume of wireless systems is overwhelmingly negative and energy draining. Our human systems are being bombarded with a constant flow of violent distorted images, and anger, fear based dialogue that manipulates, conditions, and even alters thoughts and perception. This flow unconsciously influences how many of our perceptions, opinions and ideas are formed and then expressed, not only externally, but also within our internal mind chatter dialogue.


Direct Telepathic Vision

Another important layer in the information exchange is the direct exchange of frequencies from one human to another, from community to community and from group to group. This has been called the global brain; it refers to the interchange of telepathic, psychic and emotional energy throughout various strata of the planet. It is sometimes simply called osmosis. Of course, this exchange existed long before digital and wireless technology, but since these biological/bio-plasmic** counterparts to technology have also been developing, they are now playing a greater role in our evolving human experience. Therefore, these influences should also be noticed in terms of how they effect day-to-day life.

Most people reading this article live in one of the fortunate regions of the planet where life is good. We enjoy food, shelter, opportunity and a sense of purpose. But if we stop and assess the overall global condition and the degree of war, tension, displacement, grief of loss, etc. that is occurring every moment, we realize that there is a tremendous volume of heavy negative vibration entering both the natural and technological information grid. As we go along in our daily routines, not often noticing the intense level of strife existing in a high percentage of the globe, we are still receiving the emotional and psychological information of pain and suffering through our bio-plasmic wireless apparatus. We are being impacted and we are reacting even though much of the input doesn’t register consciously.


Development of the Outerbody System

The human wireless system can also be referred to as the outerbody.** The outerbody is an evolving system that functions as an extension and upgrade to our physical systems, particularly the nervous system. It also functions as a semi-permeable, selective membrane. 

The outerbody is currently in a logarithmic growth spurt. On one hand, this brings a new capacity and vision into our human environment. On the other hand, it causes a heightened sensitivity to the more coarse qualities of the physical world such as pollution, synthetics. emotional upset, and psychological stress. The  sophistication of the outerbody system is catalyzed by awakening consciousness along with any activity that stimulates greater awareness: healing work, yoga, meditation, positive thinking, therapy, etc. Since the development of the outerbody system is part of our natural human evolution, even people that are not directly developing awareness through specific practices are subject to the various effects of these changes.

  • To learn more about how to feel and manage your outerbody, click on the following link to download a free 30 minute guided audio: Outerbody Expansion.


The Effects of the Energy Matrix

Are there ever days when you wake feeling anger, fear, anxiety, and weakness? Are there times during the day when ill feelings seem to just sneak up on you? Do you wake up in the night with ominous fears, violent impulses and dark thoughts? If you do, take a moment to evaluate these states; you might notice that often times it is not coming from your immediate life circumstance. You might notice that your life is actually fine - generally prosperous, generally happy, generally healthy - with just the usual challenges that don’t match the magnitude of the negativity you are feeling, especially when compared to what others around the world are experiencing. You might notice that the composite of your life system is good and relatively balanced and seemingly not related to the negativity you are feeling.

 When this is happening it can be useful to consider that it is a product of the involuntary intake of your wireless bio-plasmic system. What is streaming into your system may be having a very powerful effect on your emotions, mind and body. You might also begin to notice when this dynamic is affecting others around you including partners, family, friends and clients.  Digital/wireless intake, and what we then subconsciously broadcast as a result of it, can be affecting our health, relationships and productivity.


Transform the Narrative & Images

Noticing is the first step of change

  1. Be mindful of your internal dialogue in the general flow of your daily life. Noticing when you have internal friction and aggression toward others. Notice when you are having negative dis-empowering reactions toward people that you encounter in the day-to-day life flow, like while driving, shopping or talking on the phone.

  2. Notice when teachers, speakers, media, etc. are generating fear, anger, antagonism and/or divisiveness through what appears to be routine reporting, writing, dialogue, teaching and presentations. Notice the choice of language and when they are using words that exaggerate or exacerbate the negativity.

  3. Media Fast: Take a day, 3 days, a week or even more and turn off all media devices and input. This will create a similar effect to food fasting where afterwards you are more sensitive to quality, subtleties of food you eat. After staying away from media for a period of time you will notice how much you are being affected by listening and watching. You will also notice the rough and aggressive quality of much of the information.

  4. Consider that whatever and whomever you don’t like or agree with represent a quality you have within yourself that you are projecting onto your external landscape. This is the 'Buddha nature.' You can only see in others what exists within yourself. Also, if you believe that we are all connected within a unified consciousness ('we are all one'), then what or who we don’t like must be part of ourselves. Therefore if we don’t like a tyrant, politician, a social group, a co-worker, etc. it can be useful to consider that those people are ‘acting out' a very difficult aspect of the mass consciousness of which we are a part.

Our opposition actually magnifies that to which we are opposed. Whatever we are against we eventually become. We cannot change others but we can notice what we don’t like and seek to change those qualities within ourselves. When we show compassion for even the most diabolical person or idea, we are also showing compassion to ourselves.


Reverse the flow


The human information system is composed of wired and wireless components. We receive information, process it, and also broadcast through our bio-plasmic outerbody system. We can therefore create substantive high dpi digital content and broadcast it to multiple layers of our environment, including instinctive, emotional and mental planes. Over time, especially with the evolution of adaptive artificial intelligence, we will be able to input positive, empowering information back into the grid and influence the entire social and media content.

How to get started:

  1. Be aware when you are getting drawn into the fear, anger, energy draining media/social blackhole. Be detached from positions and beliefs that create the negative blackhole and its gravity

  2. Inputing back into the grid: Internally create higher frequency dialogue and full color high dpi images that reflect the reality you want to create. Realize you can broadcast these images and information using the telepathic broadcasting component of the awakened outerbody system. For more information on this topic, please click on the link to the following article: Bio-Hologenic Event Images.

  • For a guided audio on developing the ability to broadcast telepathically, please click on the following link: Telepathy I.


Strengthen Your Membranes

The outerbody functions as a semi-permeable, selective membrane. This rapidly developing part of our physiology can be regulated through consciousness, and it is helpful to learn new perceptual skills in order to do that. This is especially important for people who are participating in various self-development and health practices, as these usually create a more expanded outerbody system. It is also particularly important for people who tend to be 'sensitive' or 'thin-skinned' to become more aware of their outerbody - they most likely do literally have a more porous outerbody and can be more influenced by outside energies. Until we learn how to feel and purposefully manage the permeability of the outerbody, we are subject to the onslaught of negative vibrational content and its subsequent effects.

  • To learn more about how to feel and manage your outerbody, click on the following link to download a free 30 minute guided audio: Outerbody Expansion.

  • For a more in-depth audio on activating and regulating the outerbody membrane, go to: Extraordinary Senses I

* The meridian/chakra system is a long recognized and therapeutically used energetic network. They refer to well defined energy pathways that circulate through the physical body and extend beyond the physical body. They are part of the bioplasmic/outerbody system.

** Defi nition of terms: In this article the following terms are interchangable: wireless apparatus, outerbody, bioplasmic body. All of these refer to the same energetic manifes tation of our human system. The different terms are used to emphasize certain characteristics.

*** Definition of entrainment in Merriam-Webster dictionary - 1 : to draw along with or after oneself. 

For more information on the effects that wireless and digital technology are having on us, here is a list of articles:

Springtime Chi for Practitioners

Remember that the quality, results, and success of a bodywork practice is a reflection of our chi, not our advertising.

Spring Chi

Spring is generated by rising energy. It is chi that moves upward and outward, transforming from it’s internal recessive winter state.


In nature, it is energy moving up from the roots to the branches of the trees; it moves from deep in the ground up and out into the atmosphere. It is felt on that first day near the end of winter, when we feel the cold bareness break and the smell of spring is in the air. In the human body, we feel chi move from a protective inwardness to an outward relaxed feeling - a letting go. Emotionally and mentally, we move from reflective to creative.

For many, chi can get stuck in the winter state. This creates energy deficiency, anger and frustration, as the energy is unable to change to the upward and outward direction of awakening spring chi.Recognizing the effects of this blocked or sluggish transition of the seasonal energies can be an important diagnosis with our clients and ourselves. Discomforts and complaints (whatever the symptoms are called) may be a direct result of inefficient seasonal transition.

What Makes a Practice Thrive

Remember that the quality, results, and success of a bodywork practice is a reflection of our chi, not our advertising. Clients come to spend time in the energy matrix that we create and nurture. Treatment skills are only a vehicle for transporting an atmosphere of wellbeing to the client’s system. 

Music transports the listener into the mental state of the composer.
— Beethoven

As practitioners, working with our own chi is the most effective way to expand our practice. This is not only in terms of numbers of treatments, but also the dimension of positive effects. When the practitioner develops his or her chi flow, it creates a more dynamic experience for the client and practitioner. Below are some practices that you can use to nourish your chi, particularly for this time of year in the northern temperate hemisphere. 

Some Exercises to Support Winter - Spring Chi

  • Walking on grass barefoot in the morning:

This practice transports upward rising morning/spring energy from the earth through the body. Chi is conducted via the morning dew and enters the KI #1 vortex for distribution though the system. It particularly opens the liver and gallbladder, which are the organ manifestations and core of spring energy.

  • Breathing Exercise: 
  1. Begin in standing position.
  2. Breathe in deeply while stepping forward, and simultaneously raising your arms with palms up.
  3. Step back to the starting position while breathing out.
  4. Repeat a,b,c while stepping forward and back with the other foot.
  5. Repeat a,b,c,d 10- 12 times
  • Daily Skin Brush:
  1. Brush the entire skin surface with a brush, loofa or towel.
  2. For a more penetrating effect dip the brush in hot ginger water.
  3. Repeat one or two times daily. 

This practice helps to bring energy to the surface of the body. It opens the the pores and improves breathing. It helps the body clean out and discharge  deep inner stagnation.

  • Integrating Nature Music:
  1. Go to a place where you can hear birds singing.
  2. Expand the layers of the outerbody membranes.*
  3. In this expanded state listen to sound and melodies of the bird songs. Notice the sensation of the s ound frequencies vibrating through your system.

This practice has numerous transformative effects and is also very entertaining. Interacting with the vibration of the bird song energy creates an uplifting flow of natural chi and initiates movement, positive emotion, and mental clarity.

* Please click on the following link for a free 30-minute guided audio to learn how to expand your outerbody:  Energy Body Expansion

Earth and Solar Influences

There are yearly cycles of energy expression that are similar to seasonal changes. This dynamic is expressed in the astrology system of 9 Star Ki. On this larger level of influence, we are moving from a water year to a fire year. This again is a shift from water energy and its characteristics to the most outward moving and active energy of fire.

We are presently moving from a water (1) year into a fire (9) year

We are presently moving from a water (1) year into a fire (9) year

We are presently moving from a water (1) year into a fire (9) year

Some Element Characteristics

Winter/Water - internal, reflective

Spring-Wood - outward, creative

Summer/Fire - active, social

Late Summer/Soil - gather, convergence

Autumn/Metal: retraction, shedding 

In other words, not only are we moving from water to wood energy due to the seasonal change, we are also moving from water to fire in terms of the yearly 9 Star Ki change. This could compound the tendency for people to get stuck in the demands of seasonal change. Therefore, the need for identifying and addressing the water energy shift can be even more important this year in order to maintain well being and balance with our environment.

Bring more skill & depth to your bodywork practice with our online video courses. Study at your own pace whenever you want, wherever you are. Click on each course below for more info:

Working with the Cuboid Bone

Working with the Cuboid Bone

The following video is a short clip from the online course "Governing Vessel Part III: The Lumbars, Hip Structure & Feet." Please watch to learn how to bring more mobility and alignment to the cuboid bone of the foot. This has a major impact on how force is dissipated throughout the body during upright activities.


Arches of the Feet

Working with the cuboid bone is one factor in restoring the very important function of the arches in the foot. When operating properly, the arch system helps to dissipate forces that enter the body from the impact of walking and running. When the arches do not function in the right way, these forces move up into the body and can adversely affect the ankles, knees, hips, spine and cranium.


The longitudinal arch of the foot transmits the force of gravity and body weight into the ground when standing, and to the big toe when moving. This creates a giant lever that gives spring to the gait. The transverse arch is mainly responsible for absorbing shock from the impact of our body weight during walking and running. It also keeps the body stable and balanced.


Restoring Arch Function

If for any reason the articulations of the foot operate incorrectly, it can have consequences on the rest of the body, especially over time. When the shock of impact from motion is not dissipated at the arch, it is transferred up into the body; it becomes internalized as the structures above brace against it. When these forces of body motion are unresolved, everything from the hip joints to the atlas and cranium can become compressed. This contributes to body tensions, binding of the soft tissue and can literally shock the internal organs. The following technique helps to restore the mobility and alignment of the cuboid bone and enhance arch function.


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The Mystery of the Governing & Conception Vessel


The Mystery of Governing & Conception Vessel

In many ways, the governing and conception vessel meridians are a mystery in shiatsu. There is no diagnostic correspondence for them in the pulse, the hara or the face. There is traditionally no specific technique for treating and balancing the governing or conception vessels' chi.

In his book Meridian Exercise, Shizuto Masunaga says that the governing and conception vessel (GV/CV) stand above the other meridians in terms of importance. He states that they regulate the 12 classic meridians along with regulating the basic life functions. Herein lies the mystery: if governing and conception vessel are so important, why is there no diagnosis or specific treatment for them?

To help solve what seems to be a huge contradiction in the teaching and practice of shiatsu, we can look at two different dimensions of these master meridians. The first dimension is how they express themselves at the primitive or cellular level of life. The second dimension is how they evolve into a specialized system of energy in the complex human organism. Then we can synthesize these perceptions to create a comprehensive approach to diagnosis and treatment.

Shin Tai is an evolving form of shiatsu that makes diagnosis and treatment of governing & conception vessel a priority.


The Primitive Dimension of GV/CV

At the primitive cellular level, motion is the equivalent to meridian. Motion supplies life force or chi to carry out the basic life functions of the cell. Motion is also the same as primitive governing and conception vessel. In other words, the most primitive dimension of GV/CV is motion.




The Specialized Dimension of GV/CV


As the fetus develops, recreating biological evolution, the governing and conception vessels develop into more linear pathways (meridians). The governing vessel then flowers into the spinal column and its inner components (the meninges, the cerebral spinal fluid and the central nervous system). The conception vessel flowers into the digestive system and its core, the hara.

These two master meridians also diversify into the 12 classic meridians of acupuncture, each with a specific energetic pathway and function.



Synthesizing the Two Dimensions

Solving the mystery of governing and conception vessel diagnosis comes from the perception and synthesis of the primitive and specialized way that they express themselves in the human being. Subtle motions, which can be seen throughout the body in response to breathing, indicate how well the primitive dimension of GV/CV is circulating throughout the system. Three phases of specific motions and their significance in the healing process is a key aspect of the shiatsu shin tai training. 

Evaluating the specialized dimension of GV/CV requires a more specialized focus. For governing vessel, the flexibility of the spine and the independent springing motion of the vertebrae show the condition of its more specialized aspect. For conception vessel, the homogenous and resilient quality of the hara shows its specialized dimension.

A shiatsu practitioner can help regenerate the most essential flow of chi in the body. By developing the perception of subtle motions and learning specific technique which addresses the uniqueness of the governing and conception vessels, a practitioner can restore the power of primitive life force in the system and assist the client back to a higher experience of life. Shin Tai is an evolving form of shiatsu that makes diagnosis and treatment of governing & conception vessel a priority.

Shiatsu Shin Tai expands on traditional Shiatsu massage to create an evolutionary system of diagnosis and technique that stimulates the flow of life force in the body. There is a focus on the treatment of the two primary meridians, Governing Vessel and Conception Vessel, creating a powerful system of diagnosis, theory and technique that facilitates deep transformation. A unique synthesis of structural, fascia, meridian, and chakra technique, this therapeutic bodywork clears stress from the body, and naturally stimulates the flow of energy.  

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Hara Treatment & Shiatsu

While traveling throughout the US and Europe teaching shiatsu for many years, I began to notice the diminishing role of hara in the development of mainstream shiatsu education. I was surprised at the lack of vitality of the hara when watching students work. They were often not working from their own hara, and they were treating without penetrating application. There was also scant emphasis on personal training for hara health. In Zen Shiatsu, a branch of shiatsu created by Shizuto Masunaga, the hara became almost exclusively used for a very light touch diagnosis of other systems of the body. 

It seemed like students were not integrating what they did learn about hara treatment. Some were afraid to touch the hara and I often saw little change in receivers’ ki (energy) as a result of hara treatment. Some receivers did not want to have their hara touched at all during treatment. Hara is one of the most important aspects of healing in bodywork. Working with it promotes transformation into a state of well being, centeredness and a perspective that brings things in life into balance. Without a thorough knowledge and training in hara treatment, students were missing out on a powerful opportunity for themselves and their clients.

When I began studying shiatsu with the Japanese teachers, like Shizuto Masunaga, Michio Kushi, and Ohashi, they all emphasized that treatment revolves around the hara. They talked about how life comes from and is a reflection of the hara. Shiatsu training not only included hara technique as a central element, it also strongly focused on the development of the practitioners own hara. The education included dietary awareness, strong physical exercise and philosophy that awakened the multi-dimensional meaning of hara. It was as much a spiritual training as it was a technical vocational training.  


Many of the Asian teachers that first presented shiatsu to the west gave very strong and vigorous treatments that were directed by a whole body view with organ, meridian and tsubo considerations in a supportive role. The goal of these treatments was to restore balance and fluidity to the ki flow and to encourage the the body/mind/spirit to discharge toxic qualities of a physical, emotional and vibrational nature. This kind of treatment came to be considered too provocative for the western appetite. Gradually this approach was westernized, modified, and distilled to meet the needs of the clients’ capacity for challenge and change.

Over time the role of hara was diminished, both in treatment application and practitioner education. People began limiting the use of hara to kyo/jitsu diagnosis. Shiatsu education became more conceptual and intellectual. It started to emphasize the development of acupuncture theory instead of developing and evolving the the most important quality of the practice - the manual, physical aspect: touch and pressure. This trend has almost overshadowed what was of utmost importance in early shiatsu and it’s origins: awakening the hara in the practice, in the condition of the practitioner, and in the life flow of the healing arts community.

Hara is a microcosm of the whole environment: our local landscape, the air we breathe, the water we drink. We can also see the hara as a microcosm of the larger physical and spiritual universe. By spiritual I am referring to the world of vibration, not beliefs or religion. In the taoist practice of chi kung, the hara is open to exchange with all the physical and vibrational forces of nature - air, ocean, geographical landscapes, mountains, trees, environmental entities.

Environments themselves have a frequency range and ‘personality.’ Often particularly powerful centers are areas where civilizations develop and grow. Cities, towns and countries flourish where there is a strong flow of ki. It is interesting to walk in a major city and feel the vibrational vortex circulating through all of the buildings, people and activities. Why does a city develop in one place and not another? There are particular characteristics that create access, movement, and resources to feed the creation of that place. There are other areas where civilizations tried to develop, but they withered and stagnated because they lacked the right energetic flow. 

Treating the hara is one of the most potent tools to improve a person's condition.

Treating the hara is one of the most potent tools to improve a person's condition.


When we touch someones hara, we can feel their personal history and their environment coming through, depending on our experience. A person’s whole story is in their hara. Working with it gives us one of the best opportunities to listen to and understand who they are. It can transform the health of their organs, emotions and life system. Treating the hara is one of the most potent tools we have as practitioners to improve a person's condition and assist them in the initiation of changes that will lead to engaging in present time with vibrant awareness and health. 

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12 Techniques for Strengthening the Digestive System


Please click the link below to read a short booklet '12 Techniques for Strengthening the Digestive System.' The techniques are simple, effective practices that only require doing easy-to-integrate exercises. Use them for yourself, and offer them to your clients to increase energy, decrease pain, and support their quest for better health.

A majority of people suffer from the effects of a weak digestive system. Poor diet, low quality food, sedentary lifestyle, and environmental factors have all contributed to a decrease in digestive function and led to a whole range of symptoms that many of your clients (and perhaps you!) are struggling to alleviate. It is well known that a healthy digestive system is a cornerstone of good health. Strengthening this part of the body is of utmost importance in leading a fulfilled and vigorous life.


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Hara: A Path to Realization

Vision of Life ≠ LIfe

We all have ideas, dreams and projects. We have a vision of how we want our life to be. However, there is usually a disconnect between how our reality is actually playing out in real time and what our inner visions look like. Maybe there is that rare person whose total image of how they want their life to be matches their actual circumstances, but most people experience some degree of gap between their vision and their current life scheme. For many clients this is in the mix of reasons as to why they come for treatments. 

They might say ‘I have back pain’, ‘my digestion is not good’ or ‘I’m depressed.’ But as you get to know them a little better, you discover that the inability to create the experience that they desire is a strong force behind what is going on in their life that is making them unhappy. Many of the things that are bothering them physically or emotionally are actually symptoms of this disconnect. There is festering frustration and discontent with the difference between what they envision for their life and what they actually experience, and how that feels day in and day out.

In other words, what they dream is not what they experience. Not the dream while sleeping, but the inner semi-conscious dream we have while we are awake. If there is an extreme disconnect, the inner dream becomes fantasy. The closer the dream comes to what is actually happening in the daily life, the less a person fantasizes, and the more engaged and creative the person becomes with what they are doing.




The Role of Hara in Manifestation

The hara plays a large role in translating our ideas, images, and dreams into physical reality. There are several aspects of hara that contribute to this activity of manifestation. First of all, it is the physical seat of our digestive system, which converts food into usable fuel for our body to function and act in the world. The hara transforms food into energy so that we can act, so that we can carry out our visions on the physical plane. The hara also holds the reproductive organs, which function to spark and create new life in manifested form.

Another factor in the hara’s function to translate dreams into reality it that it is the energetic center and physical component of the Conception Vessel meridian, an electromagnetic current which runs up the front of the body. The word conception is defined in the Merriam-Webster dictionary as ‘the process of becoming pregnant involving fertilization or implantation or both.’

When the Conception Vessel meridian is flowing with strength and balance, it gives the capacity for visions to begin forming into third dimensional reality through a process of fertilization. Ideas become pregnant. They enter the phase of developing into a fully matured form. I am working from the unique premise that the hara is the most direct way to diagnose and treat the Conception Vessel and effect this capacity. It makes sense that when the Conception Vessel is flowing well, our ability to conceive is enhanced.


A third factor that contributes to the hara’s role in manifestation is related to the hip structure. I consider the hip structure as the bony aspect of the hara, and the hip joints as the mechanism that set the hara into motion. The hara and its motion are prominent factors in moving our intentions into the life sphere; they play an strong role in determining what unfolds there. 


So to summarize, the health of the hara is related to our ability to manifest our visions because of the close relationship it has with the following aspects of the body:

  1. Digestive & reproductive systems
  2. Conception Vessel meridian
  3. Pelvic structure & hip joints

When we work with clients and treat the hara, it becomes more clear, strong and balanced. The organs begin to function better. Circulation and oxygenation of tissues is increased. The flow of the Conception Vessel meridian improves, and the mobility and alignment of the hip structure improve. The hara can now better do its job to translate images and intentions into the physical plane, and a person’s ideas about their life and their life itself begin to have a more direct correlation. 


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